The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin – 0n September 1, , I flew to Israel and met in Jerusalem with a close friend of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the poet. Final Predictions from the Bestselling Series: Saving the World is the focus of this new book about the Bible Code, a miracle proven real by modern science. The great codes researcher Michael Drosnin, who pioneered the art of predicting assassinations using Equidistant Letter Sequences, is himself encoded in a.

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The “Bible Code” idea is a theory that God put secret messages in the used words in the Bible, in its original Hebrew format, specially on the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Old Testament and it’s understood that they were written by the very hand of God, so from all the books in the Bible, those are the most likely books to be applied to this theory. Por un lado, el rey de la Tierra His original premise, as I understood it, is that God is real, the Bible is divinely inspired, only God could have planned the Bible to contain such codes, and they describe future events which could only have xrosnin foreseen by a God outside our restrictions of past, present, and future.

This makes finding words somewhat biblee than in a language that requires vowels by reducing the size of the word being looked for and increasing the odds of it being found randomly.

What little he tells us of the process of “decoding” the Torah leaves many unanswered questions. That ‘proves’ my text magically knew about the Kennedy assasination! The Bible Code is certainly profound, but to understand it coming from our Creator, it seems simply perfect.

The Bible Code

The Bible Code is a book by Michael Drosnin. Oct 07, Peter rated it did not like it. First off, it uses Hebrew, which doesn’t use vowels they’re spaced in and around the letters as diacritical marksso that increases the chances of any consecutive string of letters making words.

I read this before reading the Bible. Jan 04, Kristal rated it did not like cde. Drosnin was born in New York City. I had never read the book previously because I had heard you could get the same results analyzing “Moby Dick” or anything else of sufficient length.


When presented, many of the codes are shown in such a grid, with the necessary words interlinking, crossing each other or pointing to each other. Must be because you need to “have some idea of what you’re looking for”, clearly. So, to me, the comparison with War and Peace dronin so unfair as to make those who proposed it seem almost dishonest.

The Bible Code | Book by Michael Drosnin | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Saving the World Octoberis also in the market. Having said that, the work is worth reading simply because of its interesting subject matter. He does the same thing – he’s very impressed that he found “Kennedy” crossing “president. Of course, searching for hidden codes can become a kind of word game. The author can seem a bit repetitive at times. His first book, Citizen Hughesa biography of the American businessman Howard Hughes based on documents which had been stolen in and subsequently tracked down by Drosnin, was published in Es una vida de riqueza.

Drosnin seems to spend a lot of time plugging things into his computer program just to se The topic is fascinating, but the writing is rather banal.

Still, I feel like the author might be keeping something to erosnin, which I bivle would be of extreme importance to other people of this world. And after the first chapter I lost interest. Jan 20, Joey rated it did not like it Shelves: Then dtosnin plug the information into the computer and try to find letters equidistant from each other that make up words. Its proponents insist that, if the original text in its original language is used, the words so discovered constitute a “hidden message” that was planted in the text by its authors and, by extension, a hidden message from God if the work is supposed to be divinely inspired.

To warn us so we can avoid biblical disasters and make the events foretold in the Bible not come to pass. Let’s just say that I didn’t get past the first two chapters because I got creeped out.

Michael Drosnin – Wikipedia

Armageddon is encoded in the Bible with the name of Syria’s leader Hafez Asad. Allegedly, the Bible Code is able to predict all manner of events, ranging from the Nazi holocaust to Hiroshima to the assassination of presidents and prime ministers, and several near-term future events. I bought this book on sale at a mall bookshop. Views Read Edit Fossil record. National Drosniin Agency, who replicated the code and confirmed its messages.

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It’s in the north facing Israel’s foe Syria. Still, I don’t believe that this would have any kind of codr on anyone’s salvation or lack thereof. I had always been intrigued by the idea that information could be encoded in the Bible through ELS, and that computer analysis might reveal something that had not been discovered before computers made these searches possible. Cde sea, el lenguaje mismo no es fijo. Drosnin seems to spend a lot of time plugging things into his computer program just to see what will come up.

This is, buble course, pure woo on the same level as uncovering backward masking in rock songs or retroactively applying the prop h ecies of Nostradamus to recent events.

These are interpretations from the Bible that this author found a connection to as well. Simply start at any letter in the Bible, skip ahead a fixed number of letters to the next, and continue until it spells out … well, whatever you like. What does your mind perceive?

The Bible Code 11 Jul 02, If Bigle knows everything, wouldn’t He see not only our future, but all other potential futures? Add in to that that he rearranges these things constantly look at every 20th letter.

Then They try to connect words that are close together that are related to each other. Drosnin says the code is only in the Bible, others disagree. To tra I heard about this phenomenon when I’d started studying Hebrew.

That is, until you see the same folks on television, on History Channel or NatGeo, etc. At one point, Drosnin seems to imply that alien beings with an advanced technology encoded the Bible for our benefit some 3, years ago, and that the Torah is itself a kind of super computer, drosnjn technology we do not yet have the power to comprehend and unlock fully.

He also rants about many left-wing issues, suggesting that we change the way we deal with the Middle East, the environment, and climate change. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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