Dress to impress with the Chelsea boots from A-Cold-Wall


Boots can be worn as dress shoes, but not just any. These bulky and fluffy clothes intended for winter will certainly not look good with a tailored outfit. We’re talking about the clean, classic and sleek styles that give you a dashing and clean look even with just a shirt and jeans. A-Cold-Wall’s Chelsea boots fit that bill perfectly.

A-Cold-Wall prides itself on its eye for modern fashion and providing comfortable luxury menswear, ready-to-wear accessories, shoes to outerwear. They have a collection of trendy, stylish and classic streetwear that will suit any occasion. This pair, handmade in Italy, screams elegance from every corner and therefore deserves a place in your wardrobe.

Chelsea boots are a timeless pair that turn heads with their svelte and shiny silhouette. It uses 100% leather for its upper and lining and comes with elastic on the side for easy on and off. At ankle length, it will stand out if paired with stylish skinny jeans.

Meanwhile, the addition of a chunky rubber outsole adds a modern twist to this classic beauty. Rounding its construction is the most basic and traditional rounded toe for breathability and to give your feet more room to move around. This is especially comfortable for those with wide feet.

Then there’s the flat sole to complement the rubber outsole to relax your calf and let you move around in comfort. The A-Cold-Wall Chelsea boots stand out not only for their beauty but also for the comfort they provide to your feet.

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Images courtesy of A-Cold-Wall


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