The following output formats are directly supported by doxygen: In order to get hyperlinks in the PDF file you also need to enable PDF_HYPERLINKS. Dear doxygen Users,. For the doxygen documentation, I have a html Mainpage. dox file. If a source code file name is written in it, hyperlinks to. Hi, We have an existing codebase, trying to create Doxygen documentation from the existing documentation for headers(Existing.

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He wants to do an internal link, not an external link! Generated on Thu Dec 27 List items can span multiple paragraphs if each paragraph starts with the proper indentation and lists can be nested. The number of ‘s at the start of the line determines the level up to 6 levels are supported.

When doxygen parses the source code it first extracts the comments blocks, then passes these through the Markdown preprocessor. Doxygen, however, will make two separate lists as you would expect. Post as a guest Name.

Doxygen Manual: Markdown support

In other words; a single quote cancels the special treatment of a code span wrapped in a pair of backtick characters. Standard Markdown Paragraphs Even before doxygen had Markdown support it supported the same way of paragraph handling as Markdown: Emphasis To emphasize a text fragment you start and end the fragment with an underscore or star. A lower value will prevent a single tab to be interpreted as the start of a code block. Code Blocks Preformatted verbatim blocks can be created by indenting each line in a block of text by at least 4 extra spaces This a normal paragraph This is a code block We continue with a normal paragraph again.

Here is an example: This extra restriction was added for backward compatibility reasons.

hyperlinkk Make sure to doxyhen read Lists Extensions for doxygn specifics. Alternatively, you can use ‘s at the start of a line to make a header. For this to work the extension for such a file should be. The section Markdown Extensions discusses the extensions that doxygen supports.


To do so you need to indicate the typical file extension that corresponds to the programming language after the opening fence. The end of the block should have the same number of tildes.

For languages supported by doxygen you can also make the code block appear with syntax highlighting. You can end a header by any number of ‘s. You can also make a numbered list like so. An item with an equal or lower number than the preceding item, doxxygen start a new list. This is a paragraph introducing: Additionally, column and row spans are supported. Inline Links For an inline link the link text is followed by a URL and an optional link title which together are enclosed in a set of regular parenthesis.

Tables Of the features defined by “Markdown Extra” is support for simple tables: Here is an example:. For an inline link the link text is followed by a URL and an optional link hyperlibk which together are enclosed in a set of regular parenthesis.

doxygen how to hyperlink to related page – Stack Overflow

hyperlin A horizontal ruler will be produced for lines containing at least three or more hyphens, asterisks, or underscores. Doxygen will not process Markdown formatting inside verbatim or code blocks, and in other sections that need to be processed without changes for instance formulas or inline dot graphs.

Go to the next section or return to the index. Column doxygenn are supported by means of directly adjacent vertical bars ” “. Right Center Left 10 10 10 Column spans are supported by means of directly adjacent vertical bars ” “. When it is set to a higher value spaces will be present in the code block. Finally section Doxygen specifics discusses some specifics for doxygen’s implementation of the Markdown standard. To see the result after Markdown processing you can run doxygen with the -d Markdown option.


Unlike code blocks, code spans appear inline in a paragraph. I am new to doxygen and i could not find the syntax for me to create a link from main page to a specific page in the related pages section. Note that you cannot start a code block in the middle of a paragraph i.

This might help you to understand basic principles of syntax. hyperlinnk

How to add links to an existing pdf as hyperlink in class documentation.

Historically doxygen has an additional way to create numbered lists by using – markers:. Hyeprlink design goal for Markdown’s formatting syntax is to make it as readable as possible.

Preformatted verbatim blocks can be created by indenting each line in a block of text by at least 4 extra spaces. Doxygen will remove the mandatory indentation from the code block. Another feature defined by “Markdown Extra” is support for fenced code blocks:.

This indentation amount is absolute, i. For examplei am looking for something similar to this: See section Code Block Indentation for more info how doxygen handles indentation as this is slightly different than standard Markdown. The idea is that a Markdown-formatted document should be publishable as-is, as plain doxtgen, without looking like it’s been marked up with tags or formatting instructions.

The amount of indentation is counted relative to the preceding paragraph. Only if you play with the indentation of paragraphs the difference is noticeable:.

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