Jan 30, Dogra Magra (or, in its literal Romanization, Dogura Magura) was the most famed of many works by author Yumeno Kyūsaku (). Bless the people of France! They had traslated Kyusaku Yumenno’s masterpiece Dogra Magra (Japanese original title: Dogura magura)! If you had it in your. Ichiro Kure (Yoji Matsuda) emerges from a coma to find himself in a psychiatric hospital. One doctor tells Ichiro that he is hospitalized because he has murdered .

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He wrote detective novels and is known for his avant-gardism and his surrealisticwildly imaginative and fantastic, [1] even bizarre narratives. Dogra Magra has been named ‘one of the Four Most Bewildering Books mgura the History of Japanese Detective Novels’ I’ve read all of those four books already and this book deserves the title, every inch of it. With every new plot twist, every new revelation provided by the two doctors, the viewer grows more and more confused and starts wondering is there even a solution to this absurd puzzle.

For one, I think we can safely leave the look of the Manga de Dokuha version out. Detective Fiction and Japanese Culture hints that Ichiro was conceived as part of an experiment to validate the scientists’ theories, human morals be damned. Rampo’s stories revolved around crimes of passion, with the passions in question raised to dlgura level of black arts: For My Crushed Right Eye Then again, scientific accuracy isn’t remotely the point.

Open Preview See a Problem?

DIck’s what’s- really -real? The late Kyusaku Yumemo this pen name actually means ‘A Dude Who Daydreams Too Much’ was a novelist who had a reputation which is similar with Edogawa Rampo’s, and both authors shared similar taste for the dark side of human nature, nightmarish events, madness and gruesome crime.

Yumeno didn’t get to be called ‘The Monstrous Novelist’ for no reason. What’s on his Watchlist? Entertainment, of Egg Man and Mass Effect: The Kure family’s maagura is traced back to China and certain facts come to light, such as a painter ancestor, Go Seishu, who had killed his wife, and some mysterious illustrated scrolls.


Let’s Animate This: ‘Dogura Magura’

The story begins with a young man waking up only to find himself in an asylum, he is then checked on by a doctor, who claims he is he Bless the people of France! Most notable was the sense of intense vulnerability in being entirely at the mercy of someone else’s narrative with very questionable reliability for one’s re construction of total identity.

Search for ” Dogura magura ” on Amazon. The style might need to be made less colorful, more foreboding to be appropriate to the material, but the stylizationthe disinhibition, is what’s needed.

Return to Book Page. I wouldn’t equate Yumeno with Edogawa Rampo. My advice to people who want to watch it is that you pay close attention and don’t let yourself get confused by the film because it’s really easy to get so. The brain, they believe, is not actually what stores human memory or consciousness. Its legacy as a seminal work of Japanese fantasy — or dark science fiction, or horror, or all of the above — closes and cinches that deal.

After being robbed by a geisha, a ronin warrior carves a bloody path to seek revenge. Full Cast and Crew.

My own appreciation for Dogura Magua has been colored by this, since I’ve only been able to approach it in bits and pieces — via the original text, which my own stumbling understanding of Japanese only allowed me to approach so much; via the French translation, which again I could only close in on so much because of my skills with that language although I was able to make more headway there, I admit ; and through three adaptations into other media: He says I am here as a guinea pig for experimental tests related to the new treatment, which Prof.

The culprit is “the dream of a fetus”!? But even more ominous is the possibility that none of this has happened, that it is simply the fantasy of an unborn foetus, awaiting its turn to embody the madness passed down by its ancestors. Start your free trial. It was not until his first novella, Ayakashi no Tsuzumi Apparitional Hand Drum, in the literary magazine Shinseinen that his name became known.


It is not clear whether he was a psychotic killer or the victim of a strange psychological experiment, but it is told that he killed his mother and wife and that he inherited his psychotic tendencies from an insane ancestor. Unfortunately, it seems to be an adaptation of the original only in the loosest sense. Paperbackpages. View All Photos 1. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Dash rated it liked it Oct 18, All that pseudo-science and pseudo-Buddhism and pseudo-other things were tough to get into without rolling my eyes for the first half of the book, but the plot finally does pick up in the second.

He finds out that he was the subject of an experiment by a now-dead psychiatrist, and the doctors are working to bring back his memories. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Pastoral Hide and Seek Bless the people of France!

Requires patience to read through it. A director and professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design, he only made four feature films, but given that his debut was the boundary- and narrative-shattering counter-cultural Oedipus Rex remix Funeral Procession of Roses, he was “no stranger to difficult jobs,” as Thomas Weisser put it in the entry for the film in his Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia guidebook. Hideo Murota as Prof.

It’s acceptable as a comic, but doesn’t have nearly enough flair of its own to serve as the basis for an animated adaptation. To an extent, yes.

Dogura Magura () – Rotten Tomatoes

Rather, it is something participated in by the entire body — and one’s genetics as well, meaning that insanity and other mental conditions are hereditary. Related Products Product purchases support their creators and this site. Trivia About Dogra Magra.

Yi rated it really liked it Aug 07, So what would a faithful and inspired animated adaptation of Dogura Magura be like? Was the “I” with amnesia Ichiro Kure? The pen name literally means “a person who always dreams”.

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