Diablerie Revelations Of A Satanist Pdf Download > Diablerie Revelations Of A Satanist Pdf Download a0aa Editorial Note. Anton Long [i.e., David Myatt], Diablerie: Revelations of a Satanist (Shrewsbury, U.K.: Thormynd Press, ), [pp. ]. 9. David Myatt, Cosmic Reich: The Life. These are Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan; Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set; Aleister . Diablerie: Revelations of a Satanist.

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Our conclusion may say more about us, and our society, than it might say about Myatt himself, and the fact we have to draw our own conclusions may be, as I myself believe, exactly what Myatt himself wishes, as some kind of test for us, and our honor. I came away with the impression that they were of a juvenile theatric nature.

For I personally find it to be of great interest that one of his Islamist supporters, based in America — himself a convert to Islam who still believes Myatt has never renounced his loyalty to Islam — has openly stated that he believes Myatt is testing people in this way. Firstly, that if Myatt was the narrator ddiablerie Diablerie then satqnist that work he lied about or falsified many facts and also invented stories about himself.

The question therefore is whether or not Diablerie is authentic. The change happened half by chance. Perhaps fortunately, my stay in England was not very long.

June 2, at To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The fact that both CB and Myatt used Thormynd Press to publish their own works, and that Thormynd also published works by the ONA, is not as interesting or evidential as it might at first appear, for publishers often publish diverse works by various authors for purely commercial reasons.

In addition, he was at the time a personal friend of Myatt who encouraged his talent as a musician and painter. Towards Identity and the Galactic Empirewritten infirst openly published in and mentioned and used as a source in Cosmic Reich: A Study in Forgeryavailable at https: I had seen demonstrations before — and on my city travels even seen people on their own or in small groups exercising. Now we approach something of use… I should state that it is not my intent to align myself with this specific order; however, if something of use can be derived from its writings, then I am all eyes and ears.


My life, like me, is complex — and to the unenlightened, contradictory. When you find it please post it!

My own heart, guts and kidneys tell me to go to the Otherside of Silence. The world was mine — if I chose to take it….

Order of Nine Angles

So, are there experiences to relay, rather than hearsay and paranoia? And Liber OZ offers some affirmation for those who will also resent and resist the push… 93, Kyle. December 24, at 2: June 2, at 7: In the afternoons I would swim in the South China sea or travel by taxi into Singapore city to wander around, perhaps see the occasional film, and visit the many varied and interesting sights: This site uses cookies.

The Sinister Abyssal Nexion. As one person associated with the O9A wrote: One way which I have followed is Satanism. At first, I was reluctant — but he kindly smiled. That no one, academics included, has provided any evidence from primary sources that Myatt is Anton Long is not unexpected since in regard to the milieu of modern Occultism attention and interest hitherto has been focused on the likes of Howard Levey, Michael Aquino, and Mr Crowley, and not on the Order of Nine Angles and Anton Long.

He makes the charlatans — the Laveys, the Aquinos, the Crowleys — look like charlatans. A Matter Of Honour. At the same time he began to think of satanism as a means to create an new fearless individial, a higher human type in a Nietzschean sence Anton Long [i.

Is it made up of nine divisions of 40 degrees? He sought something alltogether more exciting, dangerous and truly evil. There, it seemed, I might find the forbidden.


While the account is superficially similar in some respects to the childhood Myatt recounted in his s memoir Autobiographical Notes: I did not know where he went to, and did not ask — but one daw, as we were eating, he said it was about time I found out about some things and would I like to go with him provided it was our secret?

To be brief — I was mischevous, and longed to get back to what I regarded as real life: Shop info Contact Postages How to order. I had not been in the country long when I came across men piercing themselves with implements without appearing to suffer any harm or feel the pain — and saw spirit-dancing.

The Peculiar Matter Of Mr Myatt And Mr Long

Not unnaturally, my parents well, my mother was somewhat worried, as I was only just fourteen years of age. So Set, human sacrifice floats your boat aye?

Parker, a copy of which is available at https: Thus the fact that Thormynd published Diablerie as well as items by Myatt is not proof of a link between that work and Myatt. Secret Identities in the Sinister Tradition: Diablerie’s upcoming album titled The Catalyst vol 1: I remenber reading there official site on the internet that went down after a few months online, and yes it excited me… until I began to feel just a big fictional creation without much pratical use for me.

DIABLERIE : Transition mcd – Primitive Reaction shop

This site uses cookies. I possessed the pride of Satan…. That these precautions are necessary is a sad reflexion on the unenlightened society of my times. Love is the law, love under will.

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