Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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Rang in the Rock, but you can’t break it yet. Tyr encouraged the fighting and watched the war between the Dragons escalate. Detonzdo will soon reach a Dragon Shrine. She will be the second character you get in the game. There’s a Life and a T. Nina should cast Fort on herself then Bo then Ryu.

Breath of Fire 4 (e)

To conserve AP, use physical attack for a couple of rounds or more they will vanish. Then have Ryu turn into a Thunder Dragon. You’ll pass a chest contains another Herb along the way. Once the party is there, follow the path to a board that is jutting out from the ledge. Now is the time to do some final things before we fight the boss.

Breath of Fire 4 (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

To rotate the switch, circle the directional-pad several times until the motor spins faster enough and flip the switch to enable the gate to be closed. After that, follow the path downhill to the second area.

What do you need help on?

It will heal full HP and MP. Notice that there is a treasure chest on the ledge above the ledge where the party entered. Once you touch it a boss fight will occur so I suggest you heal before engaging the battle.


His highness also impresses Cray’s strong believe on himself although ov accused by Rudia and tells Nina whatever deetonado do to find Elina, his highness will fully support them, protect them.

Follow the passage to the next room. From there, move to the northwest and you’ll find a pond with three ducks. Take lift to the third floor and there is a cabinet room with some goodies plus a treasure chest containing Galas’s Domino on the lift room.

Just keep doing this over again until he dies. Trade with Manilo if necessary then leave this area. Take the left one the right one also leads to death end and there is a house next to the riverbank. Then step on the upper teleport tile to appear in that same room. The path is pretty straightforward here. Then again, if you opened this guide, you would have probably expected spoilers of some sort. Rang and enter his house to get the list. Go to the southwestern corner of the city.

Follow the tunnel to the lower part of the dam where there are some miners mining gold.

Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

It’s not as if these monsters are difficult tougher, but not anything you can’t handle either. Start by casting Fort on everyone starting with Bo, then Nina, then Ryu. Take a look at Nina’s equipment. The orange faerie tells the party bretah Aitsu and Dream Demon have intruded their home and drive them away.


He’ll transform into a bird and give you a ride to the Karma Tower.

The Let’s Play Archive

You can fall down many places so watch out. Leave this building and go back to the map area.

I will make you my partner! Walk up and around to the transport tile leading to the middle platform. Climb onto the first island you have access to and open the chest for an Herb. Being the Light Dragons, you are naturally their first target. You should easily dispose of him without using any magic or spells. Head as far north as possible while ignoring any paths branching off.

Ox should just attack regularly and Nina after casting Attack up on Karn and Ox should heal or attack. Now the party is in a small pf. Outside, put Gobi in front of your party and press A. Find your way through the dungeon getting all the items and when you reach a healing spring, recover your hit points and engage the spirits to start a boss fight. As a main character, Ryu is fair in all pf. However, Yom orders his troops to burn the forest area. Otherwise, use Bo’s Fry spell for some nice damage.

Avoid THAT hole by all means for it will put you back in the basement.

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