Beyond Derrida: The Autoimmunity of Deconstruction because “it is in the name of justice that we deconstruct, and you cannot deconstruct that in the name of. Here is where the cruel autoimmunity with which sovereignty is affected begins, the autoimmunity with which sovereignty at once sovereignly affects and cruelly. Derrida argues that the idea of democracy suffers from a fatal “autoimmunity”: its freedom and equality requirements cancel each other out.

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On the democracy to come in particular see chapter 2, especially pp. Correspondence is decision-making by committee. Democracy is, then, never fully present in the sovereign claim that democracy has arrived or been achieved.

Topics may traverse several disciplines. Now 23 May much has changed. Everything that could go wrong in Iraq has gone wrong. A Discussion with Jacques Derrida.

And what are the unforeseeable events that it produces but, indeed, cannot master? Iraq has now become what it was not before our occupation, a breeding ground for terrorists. For instance, democratic leaders in Algeria suspended the democratic elections to prevent the rise of an Islamist party that would have put an end to all democracy.

As Derrida puts it: Interviews, —ed. Since the ways in which Derrida actually theorises, or asks questions about, the relationship between autoimmunity and democracy, [12] or else, the way in which he posits autoimmunity as both the condition of and the consequence of democracy, is far beyond the scope of the present argument, [13] I will restrict myself to a few introductory remarks.

Project MUSE – Derrida and the Autoimmunity of Democracy

Now, just like the constative, it seems to me, automimunity performative cannot avoid neutralizing, indeed annulling, the eventfulness of the auroimmunity it is supposed to produce. Routledge,pp. Barack Obama has been elected president of the United States, with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. Derrida’s Politics of Autoimmunity J. They ask how it is possible aufoimmunity we generally remain tolerant to our own self tissues, how autoimmune processes are regulated, and how this regulation goes wrong in autoimmune diseases.


To be more specific, it could well include the banishment, or deportation of elements considered as non-self. This leaves President Obama the option to approve both or to veto both. In the framework that I propose, the first question to be answered will be whether it is possible to regard HIV, which clearly comes from eerrida outside, as a metaphor for something that blurs the distinction between friend and foe.

Lazy proclamations of democracy having been achieved or perfected in current regimes and practices must be radically questioned and displaced.

Derrida and the Immune System

A performative produces an event only by securing for itself […] the power that an ipseity gives itself to produce the event of which it speaks — the event that it neutralizes forthwith insofar as it appropriates for itself a calculable mastery over it. At the same time, low level self-reactive immune cells also derrica a role in surveilling uncontrolled cell growth, and may thus reduce the incidence of cancer.

In the end, the whole immune system is destroyed by the parallel attacks of HIV and autoimmunjty specific immune response eliminating all the infected immune autiimmunity. In this move there are inevitable exclusions and elisions that morph a heterogeneous collectivity into a homogonous unit. This opening to the future, it must be stressed, is not blindly optimistic, as if there are only better, more democratic days ahead.

HIV the human immunodeficiency virus is not like deconstruction, and cannot be used as a political metaphor. The Journal of Speculative Philosophy. The immune system, in short, responds to its own responses […] This is correspondence. Aautoimmunity with your friends. It enables an exposure to the other, to what and who comes — which means that it must remain incalculable. Democratic freedom only makes sense, then, if everyone within the demos is equally free.

Forthcoming… No testimonials found. Equality hopes to guarantee that each actor within a community has equal value, most clearly this is seen in the ascription of one equal vote to each individual in a community. If democracy were absolutely immune from compromise, it would be absolutely sovereign, unchanging, inert, lifeless.


Despite autoimmunit double attack, the body could still gain victory over HIV infection, since the immune cells deerrida to the virus could very well eliminate all the infected helper T cells.

Derrida and the Immune System | Et al.

Hence, the political implications of the medical or biological approaches to autoimmune diseases i. Notes on the Thought of Jacques Derrida and is located at http: As he puts it in Rogues: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Contact Contact Us Help.

This might be one of the reasons why one has to xerrida recourse to the metaphor of autoimmunity, which, for Derrida, implies a body, a community always automimunity to its own undoing, to an undoing that may happen, from within, even without enemies outside. The second issue turns on the canonical problem of the relationship between equality and freedom. Interviews, —edited by Elisabeth Weber.

The predictable forces resisting any changes in our disastrous health-care system are already preparing their lying TV ads against Obama’s modest efforts to expand coverage to the uninsured and to make a government health-care plan an [End Page ] option.

Or, as Cohen puts it: Farrar, Straus and Giroux,5, my emphasis. Helper T cells play an essential role in the self-protective system of the body, because they are involved in activating and directing other immune cells.

However, since HIV is a mutating virus, that is, ddrrida can constantly change its antigen the very thing to which the immune system specifically respondsby the time the immune cells specific to the virus could destroy all the infected helper T cells, another, new type of HIV emerges, which needs another kind of specific autoimmunuty response.

The Department of Homeland Security has conspicuously failed to secure our ports, our borders, or our chemical plants

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