In any case, Revenants are a +2 Dex/Con Race that count as Undead . Not quite a Dragon issue – they’re the new D&D Insider exclusive race. 5e 3e 2e 1e Revenant General Information Vision Darkvision 60 ft ( m) Activity Cycle Night Average Lifespan 6 months 1 year (5e) Language(s) Any they. I’ve been running a 4e game for several years, and I have one player who is essentially on his second character. His first character was a.

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Multiclassing into artificer allows you acces to the self-forged PP turn yourself into a warforgedat lvl 16 you dd& no longer fail death saves. All that said, I’ve got a very different experience of 4E’s races. Ok, i think i’m more or less done thanks for your help Squad.

Obviously as he earns a reputation based in part on the choices he makes due to his alignment people may become more accepting. Wipe your tears with this! Weight of Earth Warden at-will 1: They look fun thanks for supplying some crunch to eevenant fluff. I have no suggestions for other characters.

Unkillable revenant

Posted by Crwth at 3: Personally, I think it has allowed for a number of interesting roleplay opportunities. Not so much, as they don’t bring out feat support for revenat race that gets released. I ran a campaign where all of the characters were family members and at the end the father got injected by some zombies. Thus mostly defenders revenant battle-mind is superb. Rdvenant Invigorate spellscared feat Free healing when someone ignores your mark.

All Men Are Created Equal… Except the Revenant

Can add a fair bit of damage with multi-targets and “until end of next turn” Thin the Herd: Off-action attackbut it lacks many keywords and thus sufferes from a lack of “expertise” bonus. Also, if you manage to make dark reaping useful, there’s the epic level feat that allows you to use it twice per encounter. Now that I’m done spoiling half the race in vagueish words Jared 1 2. Bonus shroud is good. Ghostly Vengeance Avenger encounter Extra attacks are always useful, and there’s even a 1 feat for it.


Colors Standard char-op color scheme.

Unfailing Vigor is a useful feat for this spend a surge on roll and e&d goes unmentioned, while the well-known Raven Consort ED gives you surgeless healing if you roll a 20 or above. The novels that introduce the well-known drow Drizzt Do’urden have him chased by a revenant his father?

Review — Remarkable Races: So, in essence, you can have a striker that deals striker damage just by taking hits and, for no other reason than being a revenant, out tanks the tank. Death Scorned Level Heavy item dependency, Broken.

I totally understand the desire to play an undead e&d. Most racial encounter powers just aren’t that amazing, and often do not jusfity spending a feat on anyway.

Human Perseverance Level The revenant can provide a basis for a single-session game, being brought back to take down this cult stronghold or that evil warren, and upon success or failure, returning to the afterlife from whence he or she came. I have always thought that playing certain races should create interesting social tensions in a game.

Unkillable revenant | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The fact that dilettante is so incredibly abusable and leads to a strong population of half-elf revanants is a problem with dilettante, not a problem with revenants.

He has Death’s Quickening and will be getting Death’s Blessing at level 6. Not to usefull by itself, but add a Revennt Fury weapon and you mostly control when to use dark reaping.

Your standard way of healing, works just fine for you too. Voice of Thunder PP bard: If you lay low and carefully pick the moments you revel yourself in social encounters it will have a lot of excellent role-playing value. Unyielding Fortitude Level Originally Posted by Avatars.

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D&D 4th edition – Addicts’ thoughts and opinions: Revenants

I suppose, though, that that’s why I’m impressed with the fact that they released a Monster Builder tool which attempts to calculate anything. Can get somewhat broken in epic. Decent damage, but like Deathly Retort, it lacks the keywords neccicary for the “expertise” bonus.

They also get to count as a single race for the purpose of feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies, though if they call for a power or specific reveenant ability in question you have to take the [Race] Soul feat and hope it has what you’re looking revenajt.

Nothing here, except a ok soul as you’ll be bloodied. They just end up hiding behind a thick cloak, dark hood, and respectable-looking allies, and blame their raspy voices on a lung condition. Warforged Resolve basicly eliminates all damage you took in the previous round. What Are The PCs? Lot’s of use and feat support for teleport, but not much else Gnome: In fact, the 3. If your not going to be “undying” or taking a race specific feats Elf is probably the best, for it’s encounter reroll.

Insubstantial, and extra actions. Their appearance now suits their story and mechanics, and it gives them a look that allows revenannt to be members of normal society.

The only real reason to be half-elf is for dillitante. You are no longer considered a living creature.

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