Perfect Brilliant Stillness – Alan Mann and David Carse. Full text of “Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse Ebook”. See other formats. ” Perfect Briffiant Stiffness heyoncC the indivicCuaC seCf cCavicC carse This. I’m trying to get this book but it’s ridiculously expensive in EU. Seems to be out of print? Could anybody help me out find it somehow via PM.

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All there is, is for life, the dream, to continue to happen while it continues to happen, and for there to be acceptance of what is, in an attitude of overwhelming outpouring Gratitude. But there is not a linear causal relationship between the two. But there is no conflict: In this trilogy by Jesus, are three jewels, each shining in its own way and illuminating the same truth: The words in blue are taken from the above letter to David. All there Is, is Presence.

The legendary British actor Terence Stamp reads the book that he says ‘changed his life’. The JungCe, Tart I. Now it winds down.

What follows is a conglomeration of odd bits of scribbled verse, journal entries, emails, letters, answers to questions, dtillness reconstructed loosely from memory, and sometimes just sitting down at the computer and typing. Those who argue that there is gradual awakening, or awakening in stages or degrees, or a even some process of deepening into it, seem to me to be missing something very essential and integral to the Understanding itself.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness

If you really get this, really get that there is no one to get it, it will be like a line of computer code, which when introduced into the i8. But all this is still dream stuff, and has nothing to do with the Understanding. They always have been for me for whatever reason. stillnness


If they are provided, they can be enjoyed. To rave with Rumi and Hafiz and Eckhart. Visit Capacitiethe website of Alan Mann and home of the Now ezine.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse

There is no intention to be obtuse: So stillbess mind settles for non-answers and maintains its illusion of control, rather than recognize that there is no answer and admit it has no control.

The theory of fair exchange makes sense for things within the dream. Known in Sanskrit as Sat Chit Ananda. Nevertheless, as each of his new books comes out there is some bripliant as they trend further from the pure awareness of What Is and more toward simple stories and guides for everyday living.

The utter simplicity and truth of it.

Part memoir, part guide to the non-dual experience, this is a long out of print book that is well worth the listen. It simply cannot be approached either intellectually or emotionally; both of these are responses of the individual, and these boundaries do not exist except as illusory and temporary props.

See the list sorted by Topic. Ervinos rated it it was amazing Oct 25, I have been away in the hills for a few days and took the opportunity to read Perfect Brilliant Stillness in the peace and quiet.

Outstanding There is no better book than this one to help realize your true self. Yes my friend, you are indeed. Whatever feeling might have been starting to arise stopped, and there was no pity, no anguish, no aversion, no awkwardness or discomfort, hardly even compassion.

Which, after all, is all we get to see. There is an inclination, even greater than previously, toward silence and solitude even though there is obviously no such thing.

And so the expression here necessarily revolves around this basis and returns always to this: How can you show someone something they are already, especially when it is no-thing and they are no-one?


I will listen to this over and over! Eventually all there is, is complete letting go and going beyond; going, completed, beyond. That is who You really are, not the you you think you are.

The mind is all but blank. You can see how the names could be confusing. And so, of course, divine justice, or at least divine irony; circumstances dictate that the story is to be told after all.

It took me 26 years to get a taste of it all. In mere moments the entire thought and feeling and physical symptoms of extreme fear for my life dissolved and gave way to pure joyful acceptance which even the certainty of death could not take away.

Preparatory, could be said of it now. I got two free downloads, I can give you a copy of Perfect Brilliant Stillness Audio version as a gift through Audible if you would like as one of my free downloads I prefer reading books to listening to them.

This is where I discover how much bhakti the spiritual path of devotion is running in my blood, when it is Rumi and his Sufi way of surrender to the Beloved that resonates 47 Perfect ‘BriCCiant StiCCness so truly, when it is realized that this is what I had been trying to do, in blind futility of course, all my life. So please do not make the mistake of reading this to find out something about this so-called life, some pattern or path or some chain of causation.

Not white or gold, just absolute Brilliance.

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