Daniel Woods’ Workout Board: “Maximum Fun” Inspired Spray Wall


Many average climbers wonder what it would be like to possess the dynamic power and finger strength of Daniel Woods.

While most of us will never know, at least we will soon be able to train on a board with Woods’ name on it. Yes, another climbing training board is about to hit the market. Daniel Woods has a woodland.

the Plank of wood – aka the Daniel Woods Light Up Training Board – is a collaboration between Woods and Andy Raetherowner of a manufacturer of climbing holds Menagerie/Formik Climbing.

The creators have over 40 years of climbing training experience between them, and their combined checklist reads like a catalog of the world’s toughest routes and rocks.

Daniel Woods Plank ‘Spray’ Layout

The key factor that sets the Woods Board apart from other training boards on the market is its hold density. Rather than the traditional 20cm grid spacing introduced by the Moon Plank, the sockets of the Woods Board are only 10 cm apart. This tight spacing allows for more holds overall. Raether told us that the Woods Board grip set will feature over a hundred more grips than competing boards of the same size and scale.

Ultimately, the Woods Board aims to combine the basic creative spirit of a spray wall with the symmetrical layout and global network of existing formation boards like Tension and Grasshopper.

Daniel Woods is known to have trained on a spray wall – so it makes sense that the Woods Board reflects that influence. The symmetrical design will allow users to climb a single sequence of motions on both sides of the board to target strength imbalances.

“Maximum pleasure”, close-ups and availability

Climbers can also adjust the angle to simulate specific project or work weaknesses.

According to MenagerieClimb.com, “The layout of the wall is specially designed to ensure maximum fun, creativity and training capacity.” Although most Woods Board holds are made of wood, there are also a handful of dual-textured plastic holds designed to feel “indistinguishable from wooden holds”.

To get the most out of the 12′ x 12′ board and increase the number of possible sequences, Raether says climbers will be able to “comfortably” use feet as hands. This vocabulary is dodgy at best if you’ve ever seen Daniel Woods or Andy Raether’s Ascent.

Still, Raether told us he’s already created “hundreds” of problems in the beginner to intermediate range of V0 to V4. Although many holds look thin and curly from a distance, Raether says the board is comfortable and accessible to climbers of all skill levels.

When fully released in winter 2022, the Woods Board will have a “tailor-made” smartphone app with a top 10 ranking, a standards ranking (similar to Moonboard’s benchmarks) and a grade proposal system for issues that have not yet been sent.

For more information on purchases and pre-orders, contact Raether via MenagerieClimb.com. Buyers will be able to choose the color of the included plastic plugs. The first Woods Board is installed and opened at The Pad Climbing in Henderson, Nevada. Several others are already in production.

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