SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Booksize Power. Units. • SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Description of the LED states of a CU SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Booksize Power Units .. CU DP from firmware version with integrated Ethernet interface. ○ Smart Line. Siemens SINAMICS S Manual Online: Control Unit (cu), Description, Safety Information. Control Unit (CU) Description The CU

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Remove the nut, washer 1and screw 3. Juegos Y Aplic If an item of protective gear trips in a branch circuit, a leakage current may have been disconnected. The thermal contact of the braking resistor must be wired up and its signal evaluated by the controller. An optimal solution can be obtained for the drive task using these system components. Motor Modules The Motor Modules are the final controlling element for the motor and feature a DC link that is fed from a DC voltage and, as an output, an inverter for feeding the motor.

Caution The measuring sockets should be used for commissioning and servicing purposes only. Insertar La Tarjeta De Memoria Activity The ambient conditions must be permissible. Is stored on the non-volatile CompactFlash card. Dangerously high voltage levels are still present in the unit up to five minutes after it has been disconnected due to the Cu302 link capacitors.


Siemens SINAMICS S120 Manual: Control Unit 320 (cu320); Description; Safety Information

Alternar Entre Dos Llamadas These differences are intentional and exist for “EMC optimization” reasons. Each monitoring channel triggers the safe pulse disable via its shutdown path. Any interconnectable signal can be output to any measuring socket on the Control Unit.

In contrast to Smart Line Modules, Active Line Modules generate a regulated DC voltage which remains constant despite fluctuations in the line voltage. If necessary, reattach the protective covers and doors.

The Motor Modules are the final controlling element for the motor and feature a DC link that is fed from a DC voltage and, as an output, an inverter for feeding the motor.

Note The plug and connection jumpers are correctly inserted when the plug clicks into place. Insert and tighten the screws and washers. Sets the mode of the operating display for the Basic Operator Panel BOP in the operating states “ready” and “operation”.

Braking Modules and braking resistors are required only if the drives need to be decelerated in a controlled manner even after a power failure when energy cannot be recovered to the supply.

National safety regulations must be observed. Their center of gravity is displaced, and they can be top heavy. Cable routing Cable for supply infeed Signal cables Notice: All of the approvals, certificates, declarations of conformity, test certificates, e.


LG CU Manual / User Guide

The Control Unit then takes over control of the drive functions for the AC drive. The personnel must take into account the information provided in the technical customer documentation for manula product, and be familiar with and observe the specified danger and warning notices. Class 1K4 Temperature Control De Desplazam For this reason, the unit should not be opened until a reasonable period of time has elapsed.

Guide the cable up and, when it reaches the terminal blocks, to the right.

SINAMICS S120 drive system

Insert the screws in the ground straps nanual the PE busbar from the front. This removes the electrical isolation for these digital inputs.

Checklist Table 3- 1 Item 1 2 Mechanical installation: Caution The cooling clearances of 50 mm above and below the components must be observed. Feed the cable into the cabinet nanual below. When a Smart Line Module is used as the infeed, the corresponding line reactor is a standard requirement.

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