QAI CSTE Exam Study WEBinar The CSTE Common Body of Knowledge ( CBOK) skill categories have been selected to address the 4th Quarter QAI CSQA Exam Study WEBinar The CSQA Common Body of Knowledge ( CBOK) skill categories have been selected to address the 4th Quarter Webinar to a 12 week Live Virtual Classroom series starting January 3, The CSTE and CSQA Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) skill categories.

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This will introduce you to the certification process, as well as the content of the certification programs for Software Tester and Quality Assurance professional, made famous by the Quality Assurance Institute.

You will NOT have to download any software. Opportunities to build and reinforce the relationship between board and audit committee cboi and internal audit staff. Certification and Training Levels Worldwide. Your Donation Dollars at Work Cboi reports and related content from the CBOK project are available free of charge, thanks to support and generous contributions from individuals, organizations, and IIA chapters and institutes around the world. Why certification is valuable How our live virtual classroom works The examination process The skill categories How to participate interactively True multimedia: In this WEBinar, you will see: How to maintain the alignment of the various stakeholder expectations of internal auditing.


The survey, a core component of the whole study, was open from February 2 through April 1, It is csaq that many software testers do not need to be competent in all of the CBOK categories to fulfill their current job responsibilities. You will receive an e-mail reminder notice of the LVC the day before each session.

This course provides a background of the IT QA fundamentals and also includes the more advanced concepts, which 203 Certified Software Quality Analyst must understand.

CSQA Certification Prep Course

Conflict Resolution for Leaders. However, the CSQA candidate should have a working knowledge of the information in all skill categories and will be examined on all ten CBOK categories. Turn on more 20013 mode. View video sample of a LVC showing interactive polls and chats. Skip to main content.

Practical Insights from Internal Audit Leadersis now available for free download. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

CSQA Prep Course

Each session will consist of Csqw and Essay exams to be taken online. Due to time limitations, this course is not intended to cover every component of the CBOK in great depth. He has participated in numerous areas in information technology, service, manufacturing, human resources, executive management, and strategic management consulting.


Turn off more accessible mode. Sign up for our Email Newsletter. Global Sites Advanced search.

Most sessions are weekly and are on Tuesdays. Feedback will be provided.

Chicago Quality Assurance Association – CSQA Certification Prep Course

Individuals who desire to reinforce their skills, knowledge, and capacity to understand the Certified Software Quality Analyst Common Body of Knowledge in preparation for taking the CSQA certification examination. The completion of this course along with the necessary practical experience and related resource 2031 will help prepare the candidate for the CSTE examination.

Once posted, cbol information will remain on the site for the entire duration of the course. Chok course provides a background of the IT testing fundamentals and also includes the more advanced concepts, which the Certified Software Tester must understand. Committees and Affiliate Leaders. Building a World Class Organization. Access a listing of all available CBOK reports: The Quality Connection all rights reserved www. One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.

Words that Change Minds. December 5, Register Now. Getting Your Point Across. View another sample containing live video. View video sample of a LVC.

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