Army Building; Tactics; Craftworld Unit Recommendations .. This is a very good warlord trait in a codex full of them, which is a bit of a shame. You would think that “angry punch ghosts who set you on fire with their Swords of Axe +1” would be a unit that would have attracted a lot more. Overview. The Eldar race do not live and die as humans do, even though they have forms resembling those of humans. Originally, when an.

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See details for additional description. For one command point, you can designate a character with a Specialist Detachment keyword and they gain the warlord trait associated with that detachment. Ads by Project Wonderful!

Warhammer 40k Eldar Craftworlds Codex 8th Ed Plus Datacards

If you want to pull this trick craftwotlds than once, you’ll want Skyrunners, so your buffers can keep up with your Spears. Biel-Tan just screams for Phoenix Lords.

Not only do you need a Ynnari Special Character as a Warlord, but she is also the cheapest way to access the potent Word of the Phoenix psychic power. Also having a Elf blob of Guardians dropping out of the webway is glorious. Windriders get to enjoy using cradtworlds Scatterlasers like they did back in 7th, making for cheap, excellent sources of mid-strength dakka.

Strategems which can naturally only be used by their specific craftworld in an attempt to augment what those forces already specialize in. Vaul’s Might 1 CP: The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar(8E) – 1d4chan

This math was done with WC7 powers, of course – you don’t need the re-roll nearly as much for Craftwoflds of Asuryan or Smite, and they’ll go off with Additionally, these individual Warlocks are in fact Characters, and will be considerably easier to keep safe from enemy fire.

With 48″ range guns, it’ll be quite some time before most enemy units can craftworkds up to a range that negates Alaitoc’s attribute.

Depending on how important those Fire Dragons are, consider taking a non-warlord Autarch or Warlock to provide re-roll support or defensive buffs so that they can do their jobs effectively and potentially even survive the following turn.


As such, Reborn Warhosts are best served in small, focused detachments with the remainder of your army present in a strictly Craftworld detachment. Bonesingers are all but a must in a Wraith or Iyanden focused list, as they offer the only healing support for your entire army. Unfortunately, as this rule explicitly doesn’t stack with similar FNP abilities, it’s a situational attribute at best. Corsairs are unique in that basically everything available to your standard Aeldari Troop choices is basically open game to your pirates.

Even if the -1 to hit modifier had no effect on Dark Reapers, these guys are too good at what they do to not be an immediate consideration for this slot. Alternatively, craftwor,ds you manage to have your Spiritseer close enough to a Hemlock, you can slap the invuln save on it and have it blast off deep into enemy territory, where that save will make it significantly harder to shoot down.

Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Craftworlds Codex

Used at the start of your turn. Warp Spiders are more expensive, but they’re sturdier cragtworlds able to handle MEQ targets better than the Hawks can.

You cannot use both Cloud Strike and Webway Cractworlds in the same game, you have to choose one or the other. Skip to main content. This way the only real loss is access to the Warlord traits, Path of Command, and a free relic. Be the first to write a review.

Additionally, while the Banshees may be harder to hit, they’re much easier to kill due to their pitiful toughness and single wound per model. This adds the Ynnari tag to everything in the same Detachment as them. Within them live the survivors of a civilisation abandoned long ago amidst terrifying destruction. Dark reaperswhen paired with Yvraine spamming Craftowrlds of the Phoenix, are a rage-inducing source of heavy firepower that can fire anywhere from shots in a single salvo maxed out squad size that all but guarantees that something important on your opponent’s team cragtworlds got blown up.

Wrath of the Dead 1CP: WindridersVypers and Wasp Assault Walkers offer fast and relatively cheap platforms to field Shuripults or Shuricannons on, though crafftworlds find better synergy with other attributes compared to Biel-Tan’s. Not much will be left standing after that. And though the heavy Flamer profile on their Prism Rifles will likely give your codx pause especially since the Spectres can simply leave combat and light them up come your turnCQC is a definite shortcoming for the Spectres; most of their to-hit bonuses will be negated though not all cractworlds them and they hit back about as hard as a stiff sneeze in the wind.


Hemlock Wraithfighters are arguably more useful though, given their S12 autohitting D-Scythes and as an extra vector for Runes of Battle debuffs.

This can be made extraordinarily terrifying if the Spiritseer is using a Psytronome of Iyanden, giving each Wraithblade within craftworldx 6″ bubble a staggering 6 attacks on the charge for a 5-statue squad, that’s 30 S6 AP-2 attacks!

Your Wraithlords will appreciate this as they walk up the battlefield with a degrading stat ccraftworlds and no form of invulnerable save. Wraithlords of the cpdex mindset appreciate getting into the thick of it much like their shorter cousins, and are the only Heavy Support units that can really take advantage of Saim-Hann’s perks. If you were planning on taking a Farseer as your HQ or Warlord, putting Eldrad in your list should be a priority. Try to save it for tournaments or games against irregular opponents and if you’re confident you can afford the CP or potential risk to your important units.

Lastly, Wraithseers enjoy the charge re-rolls for two reasons: Pay for the 3 CP instead to deep strike a second craftworlcs. During the shooting phase, pick a Wave Serpent that discharged its shield on an earlier turn. Alaitoc also offers a unique stratagem that requires enemy units shooting at a crafrworlds of rangers to roll specifically a 6 in order to hit them, letting you save the Conceal power for more important units doing the killing.

Starhawk Missile 1 CP: In the game, the Eldar are a fast army with great guns, awesome toys and the resilience of strawberry shortcake. On the other hand, all your dedicated melee forces will enjoy re-rollable charges, making Saim-Hann very fight-friendly indeed.

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