Couple’s viral ‘net wall’ at wedding received mixed reviews on social media


A neat wall at a wedding in the UK has gone viral online as many have been blown away or disgusted by the unusual idea.

Twitter user Sarah Jane posted a photo showing the wall, which contained packages of Space Raiders, Monster Munch, Wheat Crunchies and more. She wrote, “My mate went to a wedding today where they had a clean wall,” alongside a heart-eyed emoji.

People rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the unusual wedding details.

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“That’s a brilliant idea. Especially for all the kids. Imagine all the white clothes. I’ll steal this and maybe have a chocolate wall too. Kids are the highlight of every wedding and some may call it ruin the marriage but it’s the opposite,” one user praised.

Another wrote: “I predict a long and happy marriage. They are good people.”

What do you think of the crispy wall?

Some loved the idea but criticized the choice of snacks: “I mean, it’s a great idea, but where are the Niknaks, the brannigans, the munch monsters, the seabrooks…? The idea is brilliant but totally failed in execution.”

“It’s amazing, but most of them are crisps!” writes another.

However, there were some who completely hated the idea.

“It might be a better idea to make sure people have drinks and canapes to stave off hunger rather than greasy, salty junk food, which would spell disaster for any silk garment. chips have their place in life…in a pub or the trucker’s cab…not at a wedding,” one user criticized.

Others had ideas for even more extravagant walls.

“How about a crispy wall and a cheese wall together, what a combo,” one user wrote.

“I was once in a hotel that had a wall of donuts…” wrote another.

Others pointed out that in Ireland it was not uncommon to see.

“It’s a typical Irish thing that later in the evening at an Irish wedding people are hungry so bring out the homemade crispy sambos,” said one Twitter user.

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