Cosplayer Shows Off FF7’s Chic Side With Aerith’s Wall Market Dress


UK-based cosplayer aequorinn grabs all the attention in her stunning dark red recreation of Aerith’s wall market dress.

As a remake of a beloved PS1 game, the award-winning Final Fantasy 7 Remake has sold millions of copies worldwide since its release in April 2020. Of course, its harrowing story and cast of iconic characters have spawned a community of passionate gamers.

FF7The community of is well known for its amazing cosplayers, who bring the game’s characters to life in stunning detail. While many cosplayers show off impeccable art and photography, few look exactly like the character they’re cosplaying. Here, UK based cosplayer aequorinn is an Aerith lookalike, looking stunning in a beautiful rendition of her fancy Wall Market dress.

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aequorinn is a 22-year-old cosplayer from the UK who specializes in cosplaying video game characters. As a big fan of JRPGs, she’s put herself in the shoes of characters ranging from fire emblemby Byleth for FF7Cloud Strife.

Recently, she shared her version of Aerith’s gorgeous Wall Market dress on the r/gaming subreddit. Overall, the dress took her over a month to construct, from the cascading ruffles to the floral bodice. The multi-dimensional fabric adds depth to an already intricate look, resulting in a dress worthy of a heroine. Plus, she styled the wig herself, using a combination of heat, teasing brushes, and lots of hairspray. Despite all the materials needed to carefully craft the hairstyle, the hair still falls in lovely soft waves.

The Wall Market Dress is a clothing option found in the Wall Market chapter of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, where you accompany Aerith on a mission to infiltrate Don Corneo’s mansion. One of three dresses, Aerith’s wall market appearance depends on the number of side quests the player completes – the more quests completed, the more sophisticated Aerith’s appearance.

This dark red dress is the most elegant look, decidedly more dramatic and whimsical than the other three dresses. Although it is not difficult to obtain, the player must complete six side quests to obtain this lavish look. That being said, it’s definitely worth having a look at this beautiful design.

Finally, for more on aequorinn’s cosplay work, check her out. on Instagram and Twitter. She also has an interpretation of Classic Aerithlooking sweet in the character’s main look.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available to play on PS4, PS5 and PC.


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