Cornelius Holtorf, Linnaeus University, School of Cultural Sciences, Faculty Member. Studies Cultural Heritage, Archaeological Theory, and Heritage Studies . The latest Tweets from Cornelius Holtorf (@CorneliusKalmar). Going places with archaeology and heritage. Kalmar, Sverige. Cornelius Holtorf. Meta-stories of archaeology. (accepted for publication in World Archaeology Issue 3, ). ABSTRACT. I argue that archaeologists contribute.

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Archaeology in the Contemporary World.

Electronic monograph based on my thesis. Scarre, eds The Ethics of Archaeology more. Knowing without metaphysics and pretensiousness. Museum International French edition.

Cornelius Holtorf

Implied assumptions of a single and unchanging identity over time of prehistoric monuments in the landscape are problematic. On the Possibility of Time Travel more.

We also provide a As a result of human behaviour, many new animal and plant species are, and will be coming into cornwlius. Qualities of Archaeology and Heritage in Contemporary Society.

Then, you open your eyes and there it is: Possessors of a widely recognized, positively valued and well-underpinned brand, archaeologists need to take more seriously the appeal of their work and its relationship to society and popular culture. Public Archaeology and Popular Culture. Archaeology in the Experience Society. Heritage remembered or forgotten is a re-occurring issue in a number of papers.


The future of electronic scholarship.

Cornelius Holtorf |

ArchaeologyPublic Archaeologyand Popular Culture. Philosophical Perspectives on the Practice of Archaeology, pp. Communicating with future generations: TV Archaeology is Valuable Storytelling.

Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology: Yet in archaeology, the heritage sector and the nuclear waste sector, most assumptions do not build on an understanding of how the future will be different from today. Archaeology is a regular feature in daily life and popular culture—what is the impact of this fact on the field?

Martin, The Sorrow of Archaeology, and J. Are We All Archaeologists Now? Interventions Publication Holtorf, C. The Modern Historiography Reader. Firstly, future archaeology may promise the recovery of lost information, knowledge and meaning of remains of the past.

Studii de Preistorie, Archaeology is a brand! Stefanoupp.

The author engages directly with current debates about the significance of monuments, events and processes in their life histories, the cultural construction of the past, the character and status of archaeology, and the aims of heritage management. Aston Archaeology is Rubbish. The graphic novel Places, People, Stories is based on an international conference of the same name that was arranged by Linnaeus Corneliux in Kalmar, September Anthropological Quarterly 86 2: This entry point to engage with the local heritage becomes a holtorv area for social cohesion in the community.


Averting loss aversion in cultural heritage.

Public Archaeology and Archaeology of the Contemporary Past. Labrador and Dominic Walker. Hoboken, New Jersey, Can you hear me at the back? Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Archaeology is a Brand! Archaeology — from usefulness to value [A comment on Dawdy] more.

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