Converse x A-Cold-Wall sneaker collaboration delivers a future-ready silhouette that’s very un-All Star


The Chuck Taylor silhouette has already met the Nike FlyEase treatment for comfort, style, and smooth on-and-off. Taking things from good ol’ All Star to a collaboration progressing forward; Converse has partnered with A-Cold-Wall and brought forward an innovative new Aeon Active CX which will be released on April 6, 2022 for $160.

The avant-garde design of the Aeon Active CX, from the House of Converse, is the result of a collaborative effort that reflects the industrial design aesthetic of A-Cold-Wall and the charismatic and creative DNA of Converse. . The future-ready silhouette is designed for optimal comfort and durability and, of course, has that futuristic feel.

Designate: Converse

The responsive, performance-driven idea behind the shoe is on full display in the shape, thanks to the use of advanced materials, stretchy constriction, and ease of putting the shoes on and taking them off. The Aeon Flux CX comes in a laceless form factor; but what’s more striking to the eye is its water-green crater-like midsole (black in other bold colorways), which elevates the concept of “today’s shoe for today” to “today’s shoe ready for tomorrow”.

The midsole in discussion is eye-catching for a reason. A green pattern that exceeds its translucent hue. The midsole is made from recycled materials, while spring in stride is provided by cushioned CX foam underfoot. The stretch mesh upper is synonymous with comfort and style. However, if you believe; it is also a smooth foot and foot proposal; made even less bulky by the exaggerated heel and pull tabs.

As you’d expect from Converse, the Aeon Active CX is built for long-day comfort. The limited edition shoes are presented in two color themes: the dark and strong color combination and the very subtle and light on the eye option. The latter features a graphic that runs across the lateral, which is likely to kick the footing aspirations and demands of Gen Z.


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