The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. The Hevajra Tantra is a non-dual, Yogini tantra of the late Mantrayāna tradition. The concealed essence of the Hevajra Tantra: with the commentary Yogaratnamālā. Responsibility: translated into English and edited by G.W. Farrow and I. : The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra: With the Commentary Yogaratnamala (English and Sanskrit Edition) () by G.W.

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The Fundamental Statement is the source for the expose” of the Upaya, the Means, the hevqjra of practice which are introduced and outlined in the first chapter and which are then further explained and elaborated in the rest of the treatise. Others were introduced to the methods ofthe tantric cycles by way of study after being consecrated with the Master Consecration. Regarding the concealed essence evam and its application it is said in the root treatise: The Bhagavan defines the void as follows: Purification by means of direct personal experience and the innately pure nature of the world is emphasized.

Y et he was also able to be completely assured in the intellectual hotbeds of the great monas- teries and universities. Uevajra sign of where the flower has landed as well as the full significance of the mandala concealer explained to the disciple.

The Concealed Essences are listed. The basic view regarding the emanation ofthe deities is given. Their dialogue is the vehicle through which the nature of and the means to the enlightened state ofthe Buddhas are revealed.

Hevanra helps you keep track of books you want to read. Trivia About The Concealed Ess How are the Processes of Generation, Completion and Perfection defined?

The Joys and the Moments are initially known through consecration.

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In Mummuni, that is, in the navel, is the seed-syllable am which is the Kakkola [ the female sexual organ, the Lotus]. This influence is seen through the use of yoga practices which originate from the Natha yogi sect as well as the incorporation of the Sahajaview of earlier Buddhist sects.

The tradition of religious vernacular song is an ancient method of teaching the theories of yoga to the common man by way of allegories contained in the songs.

This mantra is translated as om [adaman- tine] Gem [of voidness] within the Lotus hum.

The treatise is composed of discourses between the Bhagavan Buddha and his disciple Vajragarbha. It is in this manner that the two mandalas of the deities, the concealed essences, are seen as the causal sources of the relative, limited mind.


At such gatherings, before and esssence the empow- ering rite and during and after the feasting, the need to communicate was curtailed to only the essential matters at hand and these were expressed in secret sign language.

The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra · G. W. Farrow – I. Menon · Könyv · Moly

Table of Textual Contents xLix 4. In this respect in order to firmly establish the Vajrayana tradition in the totally different religious and social environment of the west a new appraisal of the whole Buddhist tradition must be undertaken and within the basic framework of the tantric method new modes for the application of the vow should be evolved to suit the new social situation.

This is the view-point ofthe Process of Generation. Inthismanner when the True Principle, the Innate, is realized, everything is directly understood in terms of Samarasa, the, Flavour of Essential Similarity. Ehvajra, mis- leading, exoteric views, usages and superstitions, so often encountered and assimilated when living in the east, are of no real value in the new western context.

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The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra: With the Commentary Yogaratnamala

The Master Consecration is known as the introduction to the nature of the four Moments and the four Joys. At this stage the absolute Innate nature is not fully apparent. Here, in the Process of Perfection the Means are said to be the emanation of the Innate.

Who were the Mahasiddhas? The phrase evam maya srutam gives, by means of the tantric system of language, an insight into the enlightened state and provides details of the method. When giving the other xx xvi The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra parts of conceaeld consecration the guru commences the rite with the Master consecration.

The oldest Buddhist sect of Tibet, the Nyingmapa, includes many methods of these Mahasiddha lineages but relies mainly on the methods transmitted by Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, and on fssence later body of hidden texts which are discovered and revealed from time to time.

Until their complete union the procreative quintessences are yantra dual, unfulfilled, potentialities of life. For the most part the Hindu tantric works we examined were concerned with cosmology, the different grades of practitioners and their appropriate styles tanrta practice, the rituals for propitiating a variety of male and female deities, the rites of magic, Kundalim yoga and the definition of the nature of the gum and the realised practitioner.

Indeed these views, usages and superstitions must be shorn away from the relevant material in order that the timeless essentials of the tantric tradition can be presented to, transmitted to and assimilated xvi The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra by discriminating, intelligent westerners. The definition of a deity is given. Then the gum instructs regarding the division of the four Joys. The Six-phased practice of emanation is given. The qualities of the different deities such as Vairocana, Brahma etc.


It is therefore said that the four Joys and the four Moments are related with the four-fold division of consecration.

Full text of “Hevaraja, Concealed Essence Of The Hevajra Tantra Farrow Menon MLBD”

The dress and adornments worn by a yogi are described. Similarly, the utility of the tantric yogi’s modes of conduct and style of dress were crafted to break incorrect and incompatible religious and social views on the nature of existence and on the nature of religious experience whilst at the comcealed time were able to engender the correct tantric views on these subjects.

Therefore, if the transplanta- tion of Buddhist Tantra into the west is to be successful and balanced an overview of the totality of the Buddhist tantric tradition clncealed, at the very least, be examined, researched and appraised. These physical and mental traits are the given parts of the principles in the procreative drama.

Why is it necessary to propi- tiate and visualise the tantar of the deities and their mandalas? The meaning of condealed symbolic objects held by the goddess Nairatmya and the corpse the goddess stands upon are given.

The monastic view was the preferred view for the safe practice of the tantric, Vajrayana method in Tibet. However, in India, tantric consecration was only bestowed upon carefully selected aspirants.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. That is, the instructions given by the master to hevajga disciple in order that the stages of the consecration can be realized and stabilized.

The root tantra indicates the basic tradition which was systematized by the Mahasiddhas during the classic tantric period of the fifth to the thirteenth centuries A. The supreme principle, the Enlightened Consciousness is the conception-right of all beings. The text of the Y ogaratnamala which we have translated is to a large extent the same as the one found in D.

The locations suitable for the application of the V ow are described.

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