Collaboration A-COLD-WALL* x ROA Spring/Summer 2022


In early 2022, Samuel Ross teased the upcoming collaboration between his London label A-COLD-WALL* and innovative Italian shoe brand ROA, and now the collection is finally set to release.

Taking on ROA’s iconic Andreas and Minaar designs, A-COLD-WALL* presents a collaborative collection injected with its usual architectural cues, informed by an industrial post-modern aesthetic obsessed with geometry and technical details.

It’s a consistent theme in Ross’ work, most recently seen through A-COLD-WALL*’s Converse Aeon Active CX collaboration which was released earlier this month. For ROA, Ross applies reflective materials and a palette of orange, green and yellow to five sneakers, each supported by muted gray or black tones in the A-COLD-WALL* and ROA design language.

As the brand explains, the collaboration “translates social themes centered around the hybridization of cityscape and technology into wearable formats.” This means, in effect, that the shoes – which are made from running, hiking and trekking – now become suitable for urban environments, working perfectly with A-COLD-WALL*’s own garments which are also technology-centric and prepared for urban areas.

Throughout the collection, you’ll find frequent references to A-COLD-WALL*, from the branding of the stand to the “AĆW” stamp, industry serial numbers and design elements such as buckle fasteners, while The ROA Mountainscape logo also appears on the forefoot of each pair.

A-COLD-WALL* x ROA will be released on A-COLD-WALL website* April 14 and ROA April 15. Take a closer look at the pairs above.

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