Christopher Rowley (born ) is an American writer specializing in the science fiction and Starhammer was followed by The Vang: The Military Form and The Vang: The Battlemaster to form a loosely connected trilogy (all published by. As a last resort, the gentle beings used the Starhammer to smash the Vang spacefleets and homeworld, leaving but few survivors. For a billion years a silvery. Starhammer by Christopher Rowley is the story of Jon Iehard, born a slave in the brutal Laowon Imperiom. The Laowon are a species of.

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Christopher Rowley: Novels — The Vang Series

Christopher Thiele rated it it was amazing Jul 22, In the process he slaughters a number of laowon, something that makes him a hunted man. Baltimore Science Fiction Society. Their intelligence evolved in a well developed, active reef environment, loaded with predators and other parasites.

They used their entire sun as reaction mass for some kind of time machine, throwing themselves into the unimaginable future where they hoped to find the Vang destroyed. The Starhammer continued to work after they were gone, destroying the suns of the Vang worlds. The fight scenes are totally boring-the author does not know how to convey vivid imagery through the use of sounds sights touch etc. Then in the next twenty pages he is involved in a court conspiracy to assassinate an alien duke with a gun-implant in his middle finger.


May 18, Zach rated it it was ok. Octopi have been shown to outperform rats in maze tests.


I might reread its sequel, Military Form, then end the series with Battlemaster. Well, the characters, plot, bad guys, impossible odds and a great epic story about a reluctant hero.

While being terrified starahmmer the movie on first viewing– people screamed and ran out of the theatre I was in during that showing I was also busy acknowledging the smart science fiction background to it. Others, from Heinlein to Russell also flickered through my thoughts.

This book is the first in “The Vang” series.

Christopher Rowley

The Halo videogames borrowed heavily from this book, and Jason Jones of Bungie Studios was my reference for picking it up. Thomas Trant rated it it was ok Dec 23, They were unprepared for the onset of deadly warfare with the Vang and soon found themselves facing extermination. Why is it s This book is the first in “The Vang” series. Jul 10, Kaustubh Dudhane rated it it was amazing.

One of my favorite books of all time. Another impulse was to undo the effect of Hollywood’s typecasting of alien life.

But I am glad that Starhqmmer, and the rest of Bungie, decided to include heroism and good in their stories. Then the wandering planet was plucked out of the dark by the gravity of Pleione, one of the seven sisters of the Pleiades and fell into a distant orbit around the hot young, blue white supergiant.


In the end their science dug deep and came up with the Starhammer technology. Our jump spin was absorbed by the star. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Sstarhammer Ryetelth novels also include a tangential story, told in The Wizard and the Floating City that interrupted the sequence chrkstopher Bazil Broketail novels and introduced new characters and a broadening of the conceptual framework of the entire series.

The first book of a very loose trilogy StarhammerThe Vang: I wish I could find a copy to read today. For a billion years a silvery pumpkin-shaped capsule drifted through space He currently lives in upstate New York. In human times a human ship crashlanded there and humans made it their home. srarhammer

One aspect of this technology allowed them to smash the barriers of space and time and travel elsewhere, perhaps to another universe entirely. Lists with This Book.

Starhammer (The Vang, #1) by Christopher Rowley

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By the time the main colonial wave of humanity arrived, the first settlers had mutated into horrible cannibalistic monsters, made riwley the more dangerous because they were still completely sapient. I think it shows.

Christopher Rowley born is an American writer specializing in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Humans are enslaved by another species called Lao rowleyy a different solar system.

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