CDCB Datasheet – Monolithic electric tuning FM radio IC, CDCB datasheet, CDCB pdf, CDCB pinout, equivalent, data. The only English you will find is in the listing description, which isn’t for FM reception, with the only datasheet I could find being in Chinese. The IC type is YD I tracked down a datasheet and put it on my site. Looks like a good project. Use a fine-tipped iron and keep the tip clean.

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Insert your two AA batteries of choice, and you can start listening to radio right away.

The radio is out of tune! September 8, at 1: Those need a certain technique to solder to a board with any great success, and here’s how I did it: I made englizh with my Weller iron but it was a challenge.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me. February 5, at 7: Remove the plastic protective film on the front tuning scale, if desired. There is also fnglish jumper wire marked with a J — this can be made with a scrap electrolytic capacitor leg.

Maybe one radio station at the most.

CDCB Datasheet – Monolithic electric tuning FM radio IC

This might be the case especially near the headphone jack. Its just one cap thats giving me trouble now.


Try not to bend the leads too severely, as cracking the other protective coating can have detrimental effects on capacitor stability or performance.

Position control with load using RC servo 0. Would have liked the legs on the FM chip a bit longer, would have been even better if chips had fitted into DIL sockets. Clean up all the excess flux when you’re done.

Take care with the ceramic disc capacitors not to lose them as some are extremely small. Take the time to align the IC in the correct position and solder datasheeh pins. Cool kit and fun to build. Another radio that is in tune to verify received stations also recommended, but not absolutely necessary. The FM antenna also needs to have a wire connected to it.

Ordering two ensures that you have some spares in case things do go wrong …. As a result, I accepted the challenge dxtasheet put in an order for two kits. November 10, at 6: Frank McCaffery Dec 20 Assembled without too much trouble.

Project: Paeansonic CF210SP CD9088+CD7642 AM/FM Radio Kit

At this stage, I decided to mount the electrolytic capacitors, since there were only a few of them and their values are easy to read. Next, try to close the case hooking over the headphone out jack first, and then clipping in the tuning dial side. There is no IF xfmr in this little beauty. We start by first emptying all components into a plastic bowl so they can be sorted through.


Sound quality is good. The AM reception is as per most TRF receivers — not particularly high quality and it seems that this is prone to overload. May 19, at 8: Medium sized flat-blade screwdriver to push the spring terminals into the casing. Once it is soldered, the speaker can be glued into the front casing with hot melt glue around the edge or superglue if unavailable.


Finally figured out K1 and K2 are momentary pushbuttons. February 5, at 5: This entry was posted in AudioElectronics cd088cb, Radio and tagged cheapdiyebayelectronicsmade-in-chinaprojectradiorf. My board looks like this — ready for the population of resistors.

In the case of this kit, this specifically includes:

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