Buy Cisco WS-CXP-S Catalyst X 24 Port Poe Switch: Switches IP BASE Firmware Cisco WS-CXT-S X 24 Port Catalyst Switch. Since , World Data Products has been providing value as a vendor for companies that buy new or refurbished Cisco networking equipment, servers, and. Catalyst X 48 Port PoE IP Base. WS-CXT-L. Catalyst X 24 Port Data LAN Base. WS-CXP-L. Catalyst X 24 Port PoE LAN Base.

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Catalyst 3750X 24 Port Data IP Base

Gigabit Ethernet Form Factor: This support does not include solution or network-level support beyond the specific device under consideration.

Switching Database Manager SDM templates for access, routing, and VLAN deployment allow the administrator to easily maximize memory allocation to the desired features based on deployment-specific requirements. These stackable switches are ideally suited to support demanding applications such as IP telephony, wireless, and video.

Four queues are user configurable and four are reserved for system use. That power is held in reserve and used to maintain power to switches and attached devices when one power supply fails, enabling the network to operate without interruption.

HW The last date to extend or renew a service contract for the product. This page was last updated: In redundant mode, when the total power budget of the stack is calculated, the wattage of the largest power supply is not included. You can view all models with:. Call a Specialist Today! The internal power supply supports input voltages between and VAC. EoL Policy In the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, Cisco warranty support is limited to 5 years from the announcement of discontinuance.

Layer 2 traceroute eases troubleshooting by identifying the physical path that a packet takes from source to destination.

Cisco’s Borderless Networks architecture addresses primary IT and op challenges to help create a truly borderless experience by bringing interactions closer to the employee and customer. HW The last-possible date a routine failure analysis may be performed to pot the cause of hardware product failure or defect. The default switch configuration doesn’t include the uplink module; at the time of switch purchase the customer has the flexibility to choose from the network modules described in Table.


After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable, and the product becomes obsolete. Only one bid is allowed per vendor. Ordering at current quantity indicates your acceptance of standard price.

LC fiber connectors single-mode or multimode fiber Cisco StackWise stacking ports: Standard pricing will now be applied. Applications running on the network, and identify undesired applications, P2P cata Granular Local and aggregated Campus view Top N applications, drill down etc.

Borderless network enables enterprise mobility and business-grade video services. This feature requires IP Base feature set. The new Cisco Service Module enables the following services:.

Síťový switch Cisco Cisco X 24 Port Data IP Base, WS-CXT-S •

Selections made on this page will not be saved. Table 1 describes the end-of-life milestones, definitions, and dates for the affected product s.

All software caatalyst sets support advanced security, QoS, and management features. The flow information can be used by customers for a variety of use cases like understanding: The XPS is fully configurable for setting switch priorities in case of multiple failures.

The connectors are located at the back of the switch Internal power supply connector: Cisco StackPower Technology The Cisco Catalyst X Series introduces Cisco StackPower technology, innovative power interconnect system that allows the power supplies in a stack to be shared as a common resource among all the switches.

If only one power supply is installed, it should always be in the power supply bay 1. Port-based ACLs for Layer 2 interfaces allow security policies to be applied on individual switch ports. Policy-based routing PBR allows superior control by facilitating flow redirection regardless of the routing protocol configured.

Port Security secures the access to an access or trunk port based on Pprt address.

HW The last date that Cisco Engineering may release any final software maintenance releases or bug fixes. Bid prices are available for this item. The true borderless experience is enabled by the following feature sets in the Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches: Cisco TrustSec TrustSec secures access to the network, enforces security pot, and delivers standard based security solutions such as CiscoWorks LMS uniquely uses Cisco hardware and software platform knowledge and operational cata into a powerful set of work-flow driven configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and administrative tools.


This feature is used by other primary security features to prevent a number of other attacks such as ARP poisoning. StackPower cable purchased separately.


Milestone Definition Fatalyst End-of-Life Announcement Date The date the document that announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life of a product is distributed to the general public. Or it doesn’t fit your catlayst and is marked. Access switches are an order of magnitude greater than distribution and core which makes them scale well for FNF and ensure there are no performance impacts of oversubscription at aggregation and core.

January 28, Last Date of Support: The last date to receive applicable service and support for the product as entitled by active service contracts or by warranty terms and conditions. It provides an extensive library of easy-to-use features to automate the initial and day-to-day management of your Cisco network infrastructure.

You have selected items to add to cart. Cisco Dxta X Series Switches Enable Cisco Borderless Network Experience Borderless Networks, a Cisco architecture, deliver the new workspace experience, connecting anyone, anywhere, using any device, to any resource securely, reliably, and transparently.

Open mode that creates a user friendly environment for Enabling FNF at the access switch ensures you get all flows. Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations Easy to use deployment and control features Advanced, intelligent network management tools Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations is a comprehensive set of capabilities that simplify Vata deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting.

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