The Carver Climbing Club facilitates access to the private property that the Carver climbing areas are on. To climb at the Carver cliff or the Carver boulders you. Looking for anyone who has a copy of the Carver Bouldering book from a few years back. Would love to be able to buy one off of someone if. I’ve visited the Carver boulders at the Carver cliffs on the side of the After this, I roamed around checking out routes in the guide for future.

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It is hard to return to servitude. Use extra precautionary steps while rock climbing during very strong windy conditions when you are at Beacon Rock.

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Here is another view of Mark O. Please read up on the access guidelines before climbing here The bouldering at Carver lies on the hillside below the cliffs. The guidebook has just over problems and probably only half of them have been lost to the moss. I also cleaned off a problem that isn’t in the guide that is probably V1. Just leave a comment to this guidr if you do bbouldering problems with potential grade and beta.

Some crags have steep approach trails i. Once at the cliffs take one of a handful of small climber’s trails downhill to the boulders.

Carver Bouldering

Northwest Oregon Rock is loaded with quality information describing climbing areas within an easy days drive boouldering Portland, Oregon. The ivy still on the boulder was holding together an bunch of soil and therefore a lot of draining was happening. Today is another typical Portland day with rain in the forecast Nate BallMicah Klesick. Hey Eric- I have been trying to figure out a few of the problems, maybe mapping them on a PDF or something might help folks out.


Carver Bouldering: For Sale: Carver Bouldering Guide – $

Larch Boulders are great from late April thru October even in winter if dry days occur. As the rock climbing equipment improved, and as lead climbers broke into new degrees above the 5. Is there going to be another way to get a hold of the guidebook? We offer a small selection of high quality free Ebook presentations that you can download for quick reference while at the crag. Jul 12, Beta: Illumination Rock is a challenging sharp profiled high altitude spire situated high on the SW slopes of Mt.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes Review. Your login works with all Adventure Projects sites.

All the rest are games. A new era of digital beta utilization has arrived through tools such as Tablets and Smartphones, offering rock climbers a new method for carrying beta information out to the local crag.

Tuesday, October 14, Welcome.

Be part of the process! Forest Service managed areas see links below for more info.

The Ivy Boulder with a lot less ivy than it has been used too. Tuesday, May 22, Season Andy had to set up a top rope anchor in order gukde clean the top of this large boulder.

Feb 23, Beta: Rosenbaum’s desire to not have this information published. In the Columbia River Gorge interest for exploration expanded, in part, because of the building of the Columbia Highway, which began in Please keep an eye on this blog to find out buoldering and where the Carver Bouldering Guide will be available to purchase. Seven unique climbing crags within an hours drive of Portland enhance the beauty and enjoyment of living in this part of Oregon by providing you with a great outdoor based opportunity to be involved in this ghide region.


Cleanliness, however, is directly impacted by you. All are local, fast to get to, and offer plenty of flavor that sure beats a repeat trip to old haunts.

Portland Rock Climbs – rock climbing in Portland, Oregon

I guess we’ll call it Problem 3a. Posted by Spencer Williams at 1: You could not ask for a better alpine environment near Portland than this. Recreational values of northwest Oregon have continued to become focused and energized ever since those early years.

So get out there and climb! Take a drive to these local crags and explore some of the unique rock climbing opportunities.

The Carver Climbing Club has been cooperating with the Rosenbaum family—owners of the Carver Bridge Cliff and surrounding boulders—since When extreme winter cold encases the Gorge in a frozen world of cascading ice, vertical ice pillars and ribbon-like ice smears, climbers discover a new dimension amongst the giant rock walls of the Gorge. Thanks to everyone for helping to keep the area clean. I’m from Lexington, Boupdering originally, so I’m going to be giving your posts some thorough reviewing before I head home again for a visit.

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