When Frank Sinatra hosted the Welcome Home Elvis television special, he was trying to maintain a measure of hip by rubbing a little Elvis on. CD reissue of “The Complete Sun Sessions” has ended 12 years later with the publication of “Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. Reading Peter Guralnick’s Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley is like watching a train wreck about to happen. You know what’s.

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I was ov to find out how he ummaking women, especially Priscilla and wondered why he could never find satisfaction and comfort in just being with someone who loved him instead of looking for it in all the wrong places. Nick was the inspiration for the quack Simpsons character. Nick tried to get Elvis treated for depression by sneaking in psychiatrists disguised as doctors during one of his many hospital stays, but Elvis saw right through them.

He makes a case for some of the later music, mostly when it affords a glimpse of an earlier, carefree Elvis who falls outside the scope of this book, and identifies poor choice of material as the area where he was most let down.

That you’re just covering for him, even after he’s dead. He really had no idea who he was, and it was insanely sad. And keep a box of tissues nearby; this is one of the saddest endings you can imagine. Return to Book Page. Careless Love takes its time proving what most of us instinctively knew, even as schoolkids: So, picking up this esteemed two-volume bio by Guralnick, I knew to expect that it ends badly because, of course, Elvis’ sordid death is well-known American pop cul I had always casually enjoyed Elvis’ music, but it wasn’t until I heard his soulful recording of “My Happiness” that I became intrigued by the legend – particularly considering that was the very first song he had ever recorded as a gift for his mom.

Careless Love is the second volume of Peter Guralnick’s biography of Elvis Presley, and it’s a compelling and emotional read. In Germany, he had met Priscilla Beaulieu, who was still in high school.


This could have been a treatise on what not to do, perhaps useful for the idols of today The rest can be put down to cholesterol, hair dye and pharmaceuticals. Whenever I read a music bio, particularly of someone I did not follow closely, I get online and find the songs that are mentioned most often.

Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley by Peter Guralnick

Guralnick reveals Parker as a strange mix of the anachronistic and the prescient, a combination of fairground barker and con man far-sighted enough to realise that his client was a product as individual and universal as Coca-Cola, there for the selling. He was an enigma.

It’s a lot to read about and as this book describes, impossible to live. For various reasons, many readers, particularly those who are recreational readers rather than die-hard Elvis fans, will find Careless Love more entertaining than Last Train To Memphis.

If he didn’t like what you were saying, you could be banished from his life forever. While reading Careless Love, I felt so bad for Elvis. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Given the dire result, he had a point.

Home town boy

He went through a time of intense spirituality only to have it thwarted by Parker. By the time I was old enough to really hone my musical tastes, unmaknig had become a caricature who was mocked by stand up comedians.

I just wish he had been able to hold on long enough to enjoy a renaissance like Johnny Cash or Roy Orbison. He wanted a meeting with J. He starts his career being too dangerous for late night TV, but at the end of his short life, he could not even watch late night TV because his favorite hosts were making fun of him for being “fat and forty. As long as they don’t say “no” Elvis remains forever young and they remain on the payroll.

The Fantasy Concert DVD is an incredible complete show created using a tremendous collection of footage to make a very enjoyable show. Guralnick’s first two books, Almost Grown and Mister Downchildwere short story collections published by Larry Stark, whose small press Peter Guralnick is an American music critic, writer on music, and historian of US American popular music, who is also active as an author and screenwriter.


It’s not nearly as clean or as satisfying a read as the first book.

Careless Love : The Unmaking of Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley Biography

We may think we know the story from this point: A very well done biography. His great philanthropy, his sometimes childlike innocence and also his indulgences, his increasing bitterness and outright meanness. Much is described of the destructive behaviors that brought Elvis to the end of his life in such a tragic way. Having been exposed to the lifestyle of entertainers, I can attest that when work is over in early morning hours, One of the most dreadful and detailed books I have ever read.

As a reader, it was hard for me to see how clueless, egotistical, and selfish Elvis was towards himself and how the people who lo Careless Love continues after the first book of Elvis’ life, The Last Train to Memphis, by the same author.

Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley

Only when the sun rose did elvus sleep. Guralnick’s exploration of Elvis’ childhood and rise to fame was notable for its factual rigorousness and its intimate appreciation of Presley’s musical agenda. That’s the best word to describe this brilliant, scrupulously researched biography of the King of Rock and Roll and his descent into lunacy.

Even with such an expert rendering of his life, who knows what he truly was like in real life, and what would have happened had he lived. It may be out of print, but used copies are not hard to come by. Guralnick’s two volume Elvis Presley biography is likely to stand the test of time as the definitive account. Strangely enough, after the story was over, what I felt most was a desire to have known him – not, of course, to get one of the many Cadillacs he would give away, but because it seems as though what he really needed was friendship that wasn’t bought or self-interested.

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