Among them is Luna Wilder, a tough-as-nails police officer whose job is to keep the peace. As an Insoli werewolf, Luna travels without a pack and must rely on. The first book in a thrilling, addictive new series by a talented new voice in dark fantasy. Welcome to Nocturne City, where werewolves, black magicians, and. The Nocturne City book series by Caitlin Kittredge includes books Night Life, Pure Blood, Second Skin, and several more. See the complete Nocturne City series.

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Night Life (Nocturne City, #1) by Caitlin Kittredge

This is just my 0. I wasn’t expecting caaitlin, but took it on vacation with me and started it on the eight hour flight home. Oct 01, Matilde Damkier rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s first person narration form the heroine’s perspective Luna Wilder, a werewolf and a cop. I’ll give the follow up books a try.

Night Life : Caitlin Kittredge :

Maybe this makes me less girly girl, but more often these days I am drawn to caitlib by male authors or names I may not readily recognize. I could have gotten past wincing about these had the characters themselves been more engaging.

Mabye Ketamine loosely controlled large animal tranqulizer AKA K-hole, Special K, which induces halicinations and sometimes the illusion of pain.

The way she acts and talks at times seems completely Not good, not good at all. Oct 22, Valerie rated it did not like it. View all 3 comments. But things start getting dangerous fast as another body turns up and black magic seems to be involved. Dmitri was also a character that I didn’t really warm to, to begin with he was a pimp and a drug dealer so I already didn’t have a great view of him, but also he just didn’t make much of an impression on me.

Other books in the series. While I could see that the author was going for a scene that was edgy and which fit the two characters they both seem a bit cynical given various events in their livesthis did not work for me.


I pushed all the way to the end, though it was a struggle. Lets get to the eye rolling romance bits now.

You don’t have the means to solve the mystery until the character does – it’s not cleverly crafted to drop the hints you need to figure it out – you’re just in the dark until Luna sees the light.

As far as mystery writing goes, it’s only so-so.

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The Best Books of Luna Wilder is a bit too reckless for my tastes. Some humor helps as does the slightly cqitlin take on were wolves. Even the guy in the morgue can’t say a single sentence without werewolf prejudice. Also the kkittredge Luna has with Dmitri is shoehorned in at the last, and a rather inopportune, moment before the finale.

I’m getting so tired of these books where the author can only make the female look strong and successful-in-the-face-of-adversity by making every man she works with a complete ass on one level or another. If you are a serial killer then stay out of the way of Detective Luna Wilder. It seems that in this case “tough-as-nails” means nigtlife bluster with nothing to back it and rushing headlong into dangerous situations. And when Luna has to go into Ghosttown, to question a mittredge, she knows there will be trouble, but she has no idea her entire life is about to change.

It’s not always explained just why is she going there, saying this, insulting people left and right obviously the answer is the author wanted her to, and that’s that, only it brakes the flow of the story when I’m left thinking “the hell?

The protagonist is a police detective which leads me to believe that at least one of the featured reviewers never read the book. The fact is, I didn’t particularly care for any of the characters in the story, but Luna was the biggest disappointment.

She is abrasive, annoying, and I’m sorry, Holy Hexagon, talk about a disappointment! I didn’t care kittredgw happened to them other than wishing the author would kill them off so I could learn more about the universe. Witchcraft beyond the expected cwitlin her. Pack leader of a dangerous clan of Redbacks, Dimitri sends her animal instincts into overdrive and threatens her fiercely-guarded independence.


And then she has an orgasm.

Night Life (Nocturne City, Book 1)

It’s also just a lot of fun to read. I can tolerate this when the story is good. It also seems unlikely that someone who’s been a were for 10 years and part of a witch family for her whole life would be so clueless about the supernatural sometimes.

However, I didn’t really like the characters in this, I found Luna annoying, I love the tough sarcastic heroines most the time, but for some reason she got on my nerves, she seemed to have no self preservation skills and was constantly saying or doing things to make the bad situation she was in alot worse.

But he was just as inconsistent as Luna. She can drive a stick shift, play the violin and knows more English curses than American ones. Description Nocturne City could be any big city in the US. One person found this helpful.

See all Editorial Reviews. This book tried to hard and failed miserably. The story is fast paced with interesting twists and it grabs your attention right away even when you find some aspects truly annoying. Where can I get the books in this series I want them? I can also heartily accept her being ready and willing to tell off those people around her who deserve it. The fact that Luna has state-of-the-art computer equipment on which she could simply print the image off is…um…well, that would require thinking.

You learn about the supernatural elements in tiny drips and drabs – a throwaway line he Book one of the Nocturne City series, this is a dark urban fantasy with just a smidge of romance. It’s one of the characteristics of the natural wolf and I always thought that it would be also in werewolves Also, she bangs on about how all her fam except cousin Sunny hate that she’s a were. The author has created a bad boy hero, who – oh my god – does bad things!

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