Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth has ratings and reviews. Hadrian said: What, forty-four years on, is the future of Spaceship Earth? Ol’ Bu. OPERATING MANUAL FOR SPACESHIP EARTH by Buckminster Fuller. 1. COMPREHENSIVE PROPENSITIES. I am enthusiastic over humanity’s extraordinary. Buckminster Fuller (–) was an architect, engineer, geometrician, and one of Fuller’s most popular works, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth is a.

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We inhabit a closed system called Spaceship Earth, provided with energy by supply ships we call the Sun and the Moon. I do believe in his statement that given K people the freedom to purely think the ground breaking result of just one would provide for fuler other 99, Request manua, from index.

Population and Environment Population and Development Review. What has saved us in the past, he said, is our built-in by evolution trial and error approach in conjunction with a bank account of energy resources.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth – PhilPapers

The main thesis of the book buckminstwr that humanity has been too shortsighted and siloed in its thinking and, as a result, we have lost the ability to s One of Cambridge Sustainability’s Top 50 Books for Sustainability, as voted for by our alumni network of over 3, senior leaders from around the world.

Fuller traces man s intellectual evolution and weighs his capability for survival on this magnificent craft, this Spaceship Earth, this superbly designed sphere of almost negligible dimension in the great vastness o In this essay on man Mr.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth is a fascinating combination of Fuller’s deep scientific grounding and his philosophical and metaphysical way of looking at the world. It was a curious experience, as I reacted to Marx’s assessment of society’s condition alternately with “this guy is on point!

Something I don’t want to be stifle He was a cool big picture thinker who saw the opportunity to rid the world of many problems but because of lack of backing could not get it done.


Only by learning to live synergistically, which Fuller says we are capable of doing in a crisis, can we unlock our full potential. And, while the archaeological evidence didn’t exist at the time of his writing, massive evidence of the earliest cultures also fits his model of the post Columbian age perfectly this sort of piracy goes back to at least BC with Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures raping the world of its resources.

States that we “must operate exclusively on our vast daily energy income from the powers of wind, tide, water, and the direct Sun radiation energy”.

Something about specialization, baby chickens, general systems theory, and so on and so on.

As another reviewer has stated: This philosophical primitivism is a shame because there is a great deal of merit in his analysis of capitalism even if he seems loathe to be direct about his primary enemy lest he get accused of being a fellow-traveller with the equally flawed communist alternative that had divided up the world with Washington while he wrote.

Porto a casa, oltre all’ottimismo del messaggio di fondo, alcune idee ed immagini originali e suggestive. Mar 20, Joseph Estrada rated it liked it. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were la Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth – R. Buckminster Fuller – Google Books

The Pirates establish governments in various areas and support leaders who will defend their trade routes. This means looking at the Earth as an integrated system. In this essay on man Mr. If persons were just units of existence with blank slates for minds, operrating might conceivably have a point.

Bucky is a genius in the league of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Retrieved from ” https: View all 4 comments. References to this book Introduction to Systems Philosophy: Sep 16, Emily Butler rated it liked it.

The difference between mind and brain is that brain deals only with memorized, subjective, special-case experiences and objective experiments, while mind extracts and employs the generalized principles and integrates and interrelates their effective employment. Quotes from Operating Manual Sadly, his are not such great thoughts either There are passages from books that will probably last within me forever. The history in this book is mostly just simplistic nonsense that seems to depend on the reading of a few geostrategists and very little experience of practical politics, the sort of simplistic populism, mixed with technocracy, that is standard fare when a certain type of engineer tries to make sense of human complexity and builds societies as he might build bridges.


The wider and more long distanced their anticipatory strategy, the more successful they became. Quantization in the Large. Finds language to be the first industrial tool. It has been noted that Mr. L’idea dei combustibili fossili come mera batteria di accensione delle attivita’ tecnologiche sull’ “astronave”, la cui energia deve essere amministrata oculatamente. The brilliant syntheses of some fundamental Fuller principles given here makes of this book a microcosm of the Fuller system.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

The middle of the book kind of lost me, then the last chapter, for me made it all worth it. Jun 14, Jessica rated it liked it.

Nov 15, Mick Dods rated it really liked it. What, forty-four years on, is the future of Spaceship Earth? This chapter sets up the idea that the earth is a spaceship, with the sun as our energy supplier. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Throughout the book I’m feeling yes I agree!

Greenberger – – Foundations of Physics 13 9: As for his faith in computers and automation, this is a belief and nothing more. I got back to his classic work Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth after many years.

I didn’t seek this one out for its reputation; rather I just saw this on my parents’ bookshelf and it peaked my interest.

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