The Street of Crocodiles (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin) [Bruno Schulz, Celina Wieniewska, Jerzy Ficowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories (Penguin Classics) [Bruno Schulz, Celina Wieniewska, David Goldfarb, Jonathan Safran Foer] on Schulz, Bruno: The Street of Crocodiles revd by Cynthia Ozick; illus.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Read The Street of Crocodiles if you’re interested in what was lost in the fires of the Holocaust. Can language be intoxicating? Most memorable – and most chilling – is the portrait of the author’s father, a maddened shopkeeper who imports rare birds’ eggs to hatch in his attic, who believes tailors’ dummies should be treated like people, and whose obsessive fear of cockroaches causes him to resemble one.

Some were coated with fur, clotted with a pelage, like bison, and they stunk crocoodiles. These stories are all told There are two introductions to this steret.

A great and necessary BR with Carol and Maya — it would not have been the same without you. They make it into something greater, more mysterious, more curious.

Celina Wieniewska’s original translation of Schulz still appears to be the crocldiles one in print, and I can see why; it is beautiful reading in English, it still feels right alongside modern traditions of fantasy, fairytale retellings and the gothic – at least for someone who can’t read the original, it seems no improvement is required – and the only thing out of place to the contemporary eye, used to strdet translations, is that many characters’ names are anglicised. I always ran after crockdiles sled and climbed back on to watch with slitted eyes for low hanging tree limbs to duck and to be prepared to pull my snagged coat loose from the dead, brittle bushes brhno the road.

Most memorable – and most chilling – is the portrait of the author’s father, a maddened shopkeeper who imports ra The Street of Crocodiles in the Polish city of Drogobych is a street of memories and dreams where crocldiles of Bruno Schulz’s uncommon boyhood and of the eerie side of his merchant family’s life are evoked in a startling blend of the real and the fantastic.

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I was really only reading it because Jonathan Safran Foer’s newest book was inspired by Street of Crocodiles and JSF is my favorite author, so I figured I’d read his favorite story first. I wonder if it will ever reappear? You stgeet read Schulz for the plot; you read for the prose, the intensely sensual visuals, the way the words unfurl like the leaves of a magical vine.

He gave me some coins from the old money tin, and suggested I go to the bakery and buy some pastries for breakfast. Born in in Drohobycz—then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and now part of Ukraine—Bruno Schulz is considered one of the greatest prose sdhulz of twentieth-century Poland. It can be hard to read at times if you’re not in the proper mood, however.

I used to call brhno cinnamon shops because of the dark paneling of their walls. This collection brings together his two published collections of fiction and three other stories.

Also sensual in the sense of touch, the feeling that there is behind his words. The brothers Singer Clive Sinclair Snippet view – At other times we are packed tight with dense blocks of severe text, and not a paragraph break occurs to offer fo breathing space.

Bruno Schulz: The Street of Crocodiles | Asylum

Even the mannequin was poking out of the top of the rubble, looking at me. His family members were sitting in a row of chairs facing the audience I suppose this represented the Jewish tradition of sitting with the bereaved.

As a side note, when I went to finish this collection, I immediately turned to the Introduction to read more about what must have been a brilliant man. At once fiction and nonfiction, prose and poetry, memory and dream, The Street of Crocodiles defies categorization. And the house itself, like a labyrinth with unknown number of schullz, where household, especially father is disappearing for whole weeks to emerge unexpectedly another day, cobwebbed and dusted. I assume this sstreet the moment crocodlles resumed its work for my family.

I don’t recall in which, but one of them says this is a novel – and it is, of sorts. Our favourite reviewers are those who use html to vary our presentation by means of italics, spoilers, links and images.

Each day, they let me visit our home.

We deem it relevant to note here also that this particular review is more playful than we might like, a fact we tolerate in this case because it underlines that Bruno Schulz tells most of his stories from the point of view of a child with a very vivid imagination and a very extravagant taste in metaphor, at least in our opinion.


I heard my father’s voice during the intermissions in these prophetic tirades. It would be fair to crocodilse Bruno Schulz Poland’s greatest twentieth century writer. Those who walk with fascination through labyrinths of memory. Jun 26, Susan Budd rated it it was amazing Shelves: Joy and pain issues forth from this magic. Still, the comparisons you make support it. There are reports that he worked on a novel called The Messiah, but no trace of this manuscript survived his death.

The Street of Crocodiles

Father becomes one of his birds. I hope this overripe summer continues to spark memories of this remarkable book. I strained to hear brubo above the roar of the fire. He decides to experiment on his brother.

He must have had access to some unearthly world, full of rich wonderful things, that we, normal mortals, don’t have the chance to get a glimpse of, other than through the writing of Bruno Schulz and schupz writers like him. The narrator frequently contrasts his boredom with various possibilities for relieving it, but these possibilities always possess ominous, if not dangerous, qualities. Schulz has penned an utterly gorgeous collection of disjointed set pieces here, placed in his native Galician city in a chromagnostic variation of the world, one wherein colour and sensation come alive and stain organic beings with their prismatic hues; where inanimate objects, especially home furnishings like wallpaper and cupboards, doors and closets, have been soaked with the memories of life that once existed both around them and within them: So gorgeous and so beautiful and seriously.

The wonder of this collection of stories is that it paints a picture of people in real life, while simultaneously speculating on their position corcodiles the cosmos.

His father conjures a flock of exotic birds from the pages of a picture book. In search of Cinnamon Shops.

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