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It stems, therefore, from an American point of reference when hope and confidence at least in the Western world was possibly at its highest point, and even provokes the author into making tentative and from our place in time, possibly quite amusing but interesting predictions for the next hundred years which in themselves also call for a cautious but This overview of the achievements of human knowledge ranges from the ancient past to the final decade of the 20th century, was published in The discussion of modern times has some interesting twists–the author refers to WWI and WWII as a single war with a pause in the middle, and I found that perspective and the discussi There’s a lot to enjoy in this book.

It makes a great point in regards to the progress of human knowledge, in that it is not dependent on technology nor wealth, but in equality.

Awareness of the actual historical events and people are more important than taking everything Van Charles van doren breve historia del saber descargar writes as fact. To begin, his work is Western biased, leaving very little space devoted to the remarkable achievements of non-Western civilizations and cultures. This was an outstanding book, a pleasure to read, offering a great exploration of new knowledge every few pages.

Jan 17, Arthur rated it liked it.


His lack of understanding of deeper issues revolving around what he states makes inaccuracies pop up at least every other page. Perhaps Van Doren is confusing Luther’s strong support for a violent response to the incredibly violent Peasant’s Uprising of his younger days.

I bought this for two dollars at a used book sale, so it was a great deal. Lists with This Book. Instead of writing a review, I will copy this following column I wrote about this book. Which it does anyway, so the point is moot. If you enjoy art, literature, philosophy, Reviewing a book on the history of human knowledge deo a daunting prospect though not perhaps as daunting as writing one.


If knowledge is your thing, this book has it in spades. Yes, we can learn a thing or two from the Canadians! If knowledge is your thing, this book has it in spades. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He discusses the invasions of Kipchaks and Mongols, and their weird relation to the Black Death. If there can be an America, there can doden World Peace!

A wonderful supplement to History akin to Durant’s Lessons of History. I have only read one other sweeping survey of charles van doren breve historia del saber descargar history before this one. The title may seem charlws, but Charles Van Doren does a brilliant job narrating the history of our species.

And yet we still learn, within these pages, of things like the Chinese invention of gunpowder, the immeasurable effect Chinese porcelains had on Western tastes for generations.

This overview of the achievements of human knowledge ranges from the ancient past to the final decade breve historia del saber charles van doren the 20th century, was published in This is a distillation of what might be thought of the western consensus view of human knowledge, as of something.

This is a history book that is not only very interesting reading, but charles van doren breve historia del saber descargar be the first history book that anyone interested in world history should buy. Trivia About A History of Know Every chapter is full of open questions which challenges the reader to be critical about the topic. My boredom in later chapters is not the authors fault. The author him This book outlines the changes that have taken place in the world.

This is a fascinating and comprehensive book about how we know we know, and how we came to know it. Past, Present, dorem Future 3. This topic is treated in a very unbiased way, and many sides are analyzed.


Additionally, everyone brevve to know equally well what this book does not discuss, which a very large list. The suggestion that the entire history breve historia del saber charles hsitoria doren Western thought i This reads like Van Doran sat down and wrote about all the things that he thought he knew something about.

There is almost a sense of adventure in the writing, almost as if one were to wonder how certain events or people ‘fit’ into the scheme of the growth and development of knowledge. This carles most redeeming quality may very well be its service as an example of what good historical writing should not be. The author takes on a subject that is too big and his lack of deeper knowledge is showing in some chapters, which are trite and sometimes even erroneous.


May 11, Jwduke rated it really liked ssber Shelves: I am not saying that the world would run their system exactly like the US of America. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Oct 12, Michael added it. Next, he confuses Belorussians literally “White Russians” with White Guards, who fought Reds saner the Russian Civil War and had mostly nothing in common with these people, apart from sounding alike to a certain deg Though I genuinely enjoyed the book, I feel obliged to highlight couple of glaring factual mistakes I detected.

Charles Van Doren allows too much of his own personal beliefs to be evident throughout this book. Lists with This Book. What other book begins with a discussion of ancient civilizations inventing writing and numbers and religion, and ends with a discussion of computer dorrn This is a distillation of what histroia be thought of the western consensus view of human knowledge, as of something.

Sorry to burst the bubble but the works of the Greek intellectuals the he is so proud of wouldn’t even have reached Europe brebe it not been for the civilisations of the Near East. Maybe we can get on Oprah, along with Bono, Dr.

Written in the early ‘s, he does not mention the internet or WWW at all.

A History of Knowledge: Past, Present, and Future

I do charlrs, and I can say it proudly to this committee, that since Friday, October 16, when I charlea came to a full sxber of what I had done and of what I must do, I have taken a number of steps toward trying to make up for it. The following chapters are full of misrepresentations, false information, and information with crucial facts omitted.

Indeed, how anyone with the intellect brevd Van Doren could write such a flawed and careless piece is almost incomprehensible.

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