Bregaglia, with its three alpine valleys Forno, Albigna and Bondasca, is every Although the valleys differ, they all offer a great choice of climbing walls, with. A lot of rock climbing can be accessed by a Swiss cable car to a dam. you can haul up a pile of gear and bivvy to get. a few days climbing done. Swiss Rock: granite Bregaglia. Author Chris Mellor Published Void () ISBN Review. + page guide book to rock climbing in the Albigna.

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We made the decision to make the long descent to the Gianetti Refuge cimbing Italy and a well-deserved bowl of soup and large beer. Is there any way to avoid renting a car when going to places like Bregaglia?

Staff Picks Classic Almscliff Soloing. By Chris Mellor, the author of “Granite Bregaglia”. The Crux Expedition Award is an annual grant to encourage young climbers to try for adventurous objectives.

Moritz, bus to Clikbing. In reply to alasdair According to the Bregaglia Climbing guide it requires around twenty abseils and difficult route finding.

Neil and I had pored over topos and descriptions and felt like we knew every pitch. Success Main Title My message Close. You can zoom in and see the map.

UKC Articles – The Occasional Alpinist’s Guide to the Cassin

Was climbbing by the cengalo next door, though am put off by tales of the glacier being awful. Although regarded as one of the great Alpine north faces it is also considered the easiest. At the base of the gully follow the obvious path R to a final abseil from the large metal cross then scramble down beegaglia E side of the ridge.


CurlyStevo – on 20 May We could have done with cutting an hour or two off our time – 3pm was our target for reaching the ridge.

Bregaglia Climbing 2018: Sciora Badile PDF

Last year we dossed one day at the reservoir and thought ok maybe tomorrow we go to the hut, but we worked out that taking the lift down, staying in the campsite, going for dinner and taking the first lift up again was going to be cheaper Swear words were floating down towards me as Neil fought with the desperately slippery, narrow and awkward initial pitch in the chimneys.

Hearts pounding and lungs pumping, legs leaden, we wondered how on earth were we going to do this in the early hours of tomorrow morning with a full rucksack then go on to do a massive Alpine face? Add another one to one and a half to the base of the North Ridge where there are plenty of bivvy options.

We ran with double 60m ropes but 50m should be OK as abseils on Italian side are set up for doubled 50m ropes.

A friendly, quiet valley base on the Swiss side is at Camping Mulina on the way lcimbing of Vicosoprano at the base of the Maloja Pass. Well, the huts are great, but very expensive. They are for indication purposes only and can change at any time without notice.

Two members climbijg another Italian party attempting the route who had, already exhausted, joined Cassin’s team, died from exposure and exhaustion on the descent into Italy. It’s worth saying a little more about descent options as there is some debate about whether it’s climbinng attempt the North Ridge descent back to the Sasc Fura or to continue down the south side of the mountain into Italy and the Gianetti Hut.


The dates we provide are based on indications given by our suppliers. A combination of hard and easy pitches run out or moved together on would be ideal.

I’ve only ever driven their from UK, so can’t breggalia beyond that. Take a good selection of cams and a single set of wires.

Mountaineering and Climbing – Bregaglia Engadin Turismo

Alpinism for Awareness May It’s an open groove followed by a steep corner then an easy traverse out right. We could hear it collapse periodically during the course of the day. The topos in the Alpine Club guide and the Bregaglia Climbing guide available online describe the original route, which has now been superseded with a version featuring longer pitch lengths and an alternative finish that avoids the grotty rock of the cilmbing. There is an out of date but useful guide to the area. Mar 23, Beta: Hastily I took the lead and got another pitch under our belt.

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