Body By Science, by Dr. Doug McGuff, is one of the best books on strength, health, and fitness you’re likely to find. He comes on to talk about this book. In Body By Science, bodybuilding powerhouse John Little teams up with fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff to present a scientifically proven formula for. This program is based on the book “Body By Science” from Doug McGuff and John Little. The program is like a mutual fund of exercises, this.

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To answer the billion-dollar question — does it work? Done properly, you should feel quite uncomfortable at the end of each exercise. In addition, the fitness industry in general has centred our drive for fitness and health on the cardiorespiratory system.

You’ll gain muscle mass, yes, but this muscle mass will not be able to produce acience explosive forces associated with jumping or hitting a baseball. The program consists exclusively of compound exercisesthat means that they involve rotation around several joint axes and therefore involve also several muscular groups per excercise. The appropriate rest interval is identified when you are showing improvement at each workout. This is a very gy book about an approach to strength training.

Oct 31, Suhrob rated it liked it. It’s possible that with enough qualifications it would not contradict other books and studies, mcgufv they don’t tend to give those qualifications. That’s because the fast-twitch motor units would not be available for recruitment after three days of rest.

I do all this because I really enjoy bory the classes. HIT sessions are brutally tough.

The Big-Five Workout Program

The program sclence requires failure and without a trainer it is hard to achieve consistently both due to physical and psychological factors. Join ‘s of others and receive exclusive news and updates! I haven’t looked into the studies personally yet.


The research has been there — coming in by dribs and drabs — for quite a while: Even though the force output from fast-twitch fibers is much greater than the force output from slow-twitch fibers, what you will observe on a molecular basis is that the twitch velocity of fast-twitch fibers is actually slower than it is with slow-twitch fibers. I’m certainly lucky scjence be young, but I’d be happy to compensate for aging by working a bit harder and cleaning up my diet.

In other worlds, this is a book for most people, especially older people. If you are going to follow their program, use nautilus equipment. I found it refreshing for someone with a fitness plan to actually explain to me how things work and why their routine works best rather than just going off of the “conventional wisdom”.

All of this is really outlined in the chapter fat loss and is an interesting read. Our rule of thumb for rep cadence is that whatever cadence you can employ that will allow you to move as slowly as possible without it turning into a stuttering, stop-and-start scenario is the right one for you. Thanks for the reply and the great podcasts: Third it covers a bodt range of benefits for become healthy by training this way. The reason for this is that the fast-twitch motor units account for perhaps only the last two to twenty seconds of contraction.

Research shows that seven minutes of moderate-to-high intensity aerobic effort once a week is enough to keep the cardiovascular system working well. If you are able to recruit, fatigue, and weaken muscle fibers within a defined time frame, then you are going to recruit all of the different muscle fiber types aggressively and therefore get the most mechanical hy metabolic effect for producing an adaptation.

Depending on the equipment you are using this can also be 10 or even 15 seconds.

Body By Science High Intensity Training Review: My 9 Month Experiment

McGuff and Little are quick to implicate the workout industry in giving false expectations that exercise alone can lead to weight loss. Read this book before you do one more exercise routine.

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And yes, you do 1 session a week. It may be kg or Pin 16 on the stack, for seconds. Strong muscles prompt a strong body in every way and too much repetitive movement running, cycling is actually detrimental to your body over time. Even attempting to do 2 sets in the same session is unwise. What can I say? May 02, Jacob rated it really liked it Shelves: You would normally tap these fibers only in a true emergency situation, which, in hunter-gatherer times, would have occurred relatively infrequently.

I would question whether I could continue doing HIT for a long period — the pain levels are extreme, and some sessions Wcience went into the gym in a state of anxiety though this was true with some rowing sessions, powerlifting sessions and bodybuilding sessionsand it may get rather monotonous over time.

It’s the sort of book I’d give as a gift, or lend out to bodj friend. July 25, at 5: I’m not saying this is a resolved question, but it seems that the assumption behind the program are not necessarily as solid as the authors think. Kinda scared and excited all at once.

Is 15 minutes of training a week enough to achieve beneficial performance and aesthetic results? Well written and thoroughly researched. I’ll get my head into the book and then see how I mcyuff piece this all together then. This is still THE book for information about how to exercise. Aug 04, Kristian Norling rated it it was amazing.

My body fat percentage hasn’t really changed.

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