Blusens Web:tv ENGLISH Web:tv User Manual Guía Rápida G 1 USER MANUAL Index Internet connection via Ethernet cable Blusens Web:tv Search among more than user manuals and view them online Blusens | WEBTV | Datasheet | Blusens WEB:TV. HOME ENTERTAINMENT. Blusens started its commercial activity in Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is one of the services that now can also Manual recording schedule managed.

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Page 9 Blusens Web: To find the IP of Web: Returns to the main menu of Web: Additionally this type of connection will allow you output by ADSL or fiber towards the exterior to gain access to multimedia contents located in external servers for example Videoclub On-line, Internet TV, Exits the Timeshift function and returns to live TV.

The channel will not appear on the list of channels.

Wireless internet connection Wireless network already installed in your home via a Wireless Router. Language settings Select the desired language for the system menus from the available options. Displays information about the content being viewed or played at that time, whether TV, local playback, etc.

Select the television mabual. Starts recording the channel being listened to.

Blusens Web tv User Manual

From the shortcut menu Page 84 – 2. Automatic update The system automatically detects if there is a new update and prompts you with a notice such as in the figure on blusnes availability of the upgrade. To stop recording just press the STOP button in the shortcut menu or the remote control.

Updates the list after making a change. The manuxl and openings in the cover are arranged for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it from overheating, and these openings must not be blocked or covered. Swap the selected channel with the selected position. Copia el archivo manteniendolo en el lugar original. Refreshes and reloads the web page being viewed at that time.


Indicates whether recording is active or not.

Blusens Web:tv. Web:tv ESPAÑOL. Manual

TV is on when the LED is lit. Blusens TV In this option you can access the Blusens TV channel, in which you have thousands of hours of free content to entertain or inform you, such as documentaries, news, series This product should be connected only to the type of power source indicated on the rear panel.

Desenchufe el producto de la toma de corriente y remita a personal cualificado en los siguientes casos: Select the channel to work on it.

Internet connection via Ethernet cable This type of connection lets you connect to a router, access and play multimedia files stored on desktop PCs, laptops and other compatible storage units, and vice versa, without doing any copying or downloading.

Press the button of the remote control. Manual de instrucciones Ref. Vea la imagen siguiente: Las aberturas no deben nunca ser bloqueadas por colocar el producto sobre una cama, When running, the player will automatically display in the library the available multimedia servers in your local network, including Web: Para saber la IP de la Web: It is an advanced high definition multimedia player that can connect over a network to your computer, network devices, USB hard drives, etc Allows you to activate and select available subtitles for that program.

Timeshift This feature allows you to pause the Radio channel you are listening to, allowing playback to recover from that point at any time.

  KNR 2-05 PDF

To continue playing from the point where the viewing was paused, press. Seleccione la ciudad deseada y presione nuevamente OK OK para seleccionarla. When you select Radio channels, you must keep in mind that these are at the bottom of the list of TV channels. Browse through the device to find the desired file. Activates timeshift see 6. Changes the channel number.

Blusens Web tv Manuals

The product should be situated away from ENGLISH heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other products including amplifiers that produce heat. Todos los derechos reservados. Enter a name for the recording. This code is intended to link your Videoclub user account with your Web: Page To stop viewing a InternetTV channel press the key or select in the shortcut menu. This option allows you to enable or disable the services available in your Web: Select a recording from the list and press OK to play the recording.

Samba Server Your Web: This option allows you to change the access password to the web interface. In the task list basic information about each task and the status recording, scheduled will be displayed.

Cierra el canal seleccionado. When you want to finish, you must press Return to exit the game. After selecting you will have to accept to save the changes.

Each press increases the recording time. Salida de audio digital coaxial.

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