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Light Streaks in Blender. Playing with the Inkdrop Effect. The inkdrop effect is very versatile.

This tutorial will show you the basics. In this third part of the series covering blendr turbulence force field you will learn how to create a mesmerizing animated background using point densities and millions of particles. Learn how blendee use particles, a point density texture for volume rendering and a moving force field to get a ghost-like effect. This tutorial explains how to create a really cool looking, stylized fire in slow motion directly in Blender.

Suzanne Smushed and Smudged. Another one of Nion’s cool effects!

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Advanced Fire Shaders in Blender. If you ever wanted to know how to mix smoke of different colors in Blender 2.

In fact, you can create those in Blender as well. Using the setup we created in the Wicked Drum of Smoke tutorial we can easily work out a scene of the smoke simulation gone completely insane as you could see in Nion’s first effect reel.


Fur with Cycles and Particle Hair. Its power combined with a particle system makes this awesome effect.

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Most people use very bright shaders when creating fire in Blender. Inkdrops are heavily used in Motion Graphics and Design. Dissolving text in Blender has always been a lot of work, but not anymore! Ink drops in tutoral are heavily blendder elements in graphic and motion design.

ThursdayJun 01 MondayNov 04 This tutorial for Blender 2. You can create them right inside Blender. Fireworks with Particles in Blender 2. This is another tutorial covering Nion’s cool Blender effects.

You can use Blender to make footage look like it was shot inby using particle systems and the compositor. This tutorial will also show you a lot of tips and tricks how to render fire faster. Cycles Particle Trail in Blender 2. Thanks to Blender, you can now easily create perfect inkdrops that can be tailored to your project’s needs.

ThursdayJun 29 ThursdayOct 17 This tutorial shows you how to use it to create an eye-popping intro effect. The result can be used for backgrounds of all kinds in motion graphics and stills. Cute Ghost with Cloth Sim and Cycles.


Simulation Tutorials on BlenderDiplom

Preview video and tutorial after the jump! An Animated Turbulent Ring. Frederik Steinmetz shows you a wonderful trick how to force particles to emit other particles in Blender 2. Cool looking light streaks are not exclusive to commercial products like AE. Dissolve your Logo in Blender 2.

This is the first part of my series of tutorials for Nion’s excellent Blender effects. But in many situations a more subtle approach works a lot better. Tutoria, Drop Effect with Cycles.

How blendsr dissolve objects in Blender. Mix Smoke of Two Different Colors. Create a Wicked Drum of Smoke in Blender. FridayJun 30 This quick tip shows how you can achieve an astonishing ink flow by just changing a few aspects of the setup.

Introduction to Fluid Particles in Blender. The Dynamic Paint system in Blender is a great tool to create motion graphics. tutoroal

A cool looking Inkdrop in Blender.

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