features that have the Blade CX flying in no time such as pre-installed main motors, 4-in-1 right from the box, please take the time to read through this manual. E-flite BLADE CX2 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download E-flite BLADE CX2 Specifications. Blade CX2 Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

The unit is well built and has full trim control along blase an extra channel that is currently not is use by the Blase. The guns come already anchored when you order the complete body set. I found that when you are slowly adding throttle both rotor blades should begin to spin at the same time, if the upper or lower spins before the other you probably need to adjust the ‘Proportional’ pot and this should be done before your first flight.

If received, a non-compliant Product will not be serviced. What is Not Covered This warranty is not transferable and does not cover i cosmetic damage, ii damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use, or due to improper use, installation, operation or maintenance, iii modification of cd2 to any part of the Product, iv attempted service by anyone mabual than a Horizon Hobby authorized service center, v Product not purchased from an authorized Horizon dealer, or vi Product not compliant with applicable technical regulations.

In addition you will be billed for return freight.


An Online Service Request is available at http: As Horizon has no control over use, setup, final assembly, modification or misuse, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any resulting damage or injury. Service or replacement decisions are at manuql sole discretion of Manial.

When flying higher say close to your shoulders this problem is minimized but if you are still in training this will make it impossible to simply throttle down as you will be dropping from a height that is guaranteed to damage the helicopter. Horizon reserves the right to inspect any and manua Product s involved in a warranty claim.


The optional Training Gear Set EFLH; sold separately manuwl learning to fly the Blade CX2 even easier than it already is by adding more stability and helping to prevent blade strikes. This photo is the bottom of the Helicopter, the opening with the gears b,ade the location of the battery compartment gears are further down the battery just covers the view and you can see the gearing used to power the pair of coaxial rotors used on the Blade Cx2.

The advent of RC Flight simulators has helped tremendously as we can crash the virtual helicopter or plane as often as we like without the costly repairs until we mange to fly straight and true but the cost of this type of system is still expensive enough that most of us will probably never use it.

I had an issue with my Blade Cx2 as the tail kept slowly rotating to the left no matter how much I adjusted the trim on the transmitter, I resolved the tail drifting problem by slowly adjusting the ‘Proportional’ pot. I have managed to slightly bend the main rotor shaft enough that it has a wobble, I figure a few more flights and a few more blade strikes I cx22 replace it with the aluminum upgrade parts and try my luck outdoors.

Instead of a tail rotor, the Blade CX2 uses differential rotor speed for tail control, so the inherent stability of the counter-rotating blades is preserved in all phases of flight, making this a heli just about any first-time pilot can enjoy.

Features No assembly is needed and there is nothing left to buy. I will add a few videos of the Blade Cx2 in motion so kanual speak but I still need a few more hours of practice to really make one showing it’s nanual. You must include this request with your item submitted for service. Electronics and engines requiring inspection or repair should be shipped to the following address:.

E-flite Product Developers provided a great amount of blde to the Marines body, including the missile set.


E-flite BLADE CX2 Instruction Manual – RC Groups

Your new Blade CX2 model is equipped with additional accessories and features that further enhance its durability and performance. If you do not have internet access, please contact Horizon Product Support to obtain a RMA number along with instructions for submitting your product for service.

Provided warranty conditions have been met, your Product will be serviced or replaced free of charge. By the act of use, setup or assembly, the user accepts all resulting liability. No assembly is needed, and there is nothing left to buy. The photo above is of the twin motors and after a little research they appear to be ‘Mabuchi’ FK SH motors and are rated at ccx2.

When calling Horizon, you will be asked to provide your complete name, street address, email address and phone number where you can be reached during business hours. This translates to up to 80 unique RC vehicles all being used at once with no worries about cross-talk or interference.

The Blade CX2 includes a 2. Ship via a carrier that provides tracking and insurance for lost or damaged parcels, as Manuzl is not responsible for merchandise until it arrives and is accepted at our facility. Horizon reserves the right to change or modify this warranty at any time without notice.

If you as the purchaser or user are not prepared to accept the manul associated with the use of the Product, purchaser is advised to return the Product immediately in new and unused condition to the place of purchase. The right stick when raised allows the helicopter to move forward and the side to side motion of the stick moves the Helicopter side c2 side. The transmitter will sound an alarm if the voltage indicated on the LCD falls below 4.

Be sure your name, address, and RMA number are clearly written on the outside of the shipping carton.

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