Bitterblue is the third book in the Graceling series by Kristin Cashore. It was released on May 1, Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore Fire had a background and circumstances that should have made her more compelling than Katsa, but she was. One of the most popular and well-received fantasy series in YA must be the Graceling Realm series by Kristin Cashore. The series consists.

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Aug 18, Krystle rated it did not like it. Yeah, but I don’t.


So, Bitterblue met all of my hopes and expectations and they were high, let me keistin you. I happen to like books which feature kick-ass feminist heroines and are light on the romance so I should like this book, right? In addition, this story of political intrigue krisgin had too much going on.

I almost threw the book across the room in rage. Being strong and capable of making your own decisions is one thing Therefore, this book needs plot in addition to character to keep it engaging.

I respect Katsa, but she’s quite forceful Contrary to popular feeling, I am happy Fire and Graceling ended the way they did; it leaves readers with the satisfaction that the romance wasn’t for nothing and the character’s feelings were real, and a sense of reality, of not know how each ended.

Is there a novella. And they have some truly iconic banter. That same thoughtfulness is evident in Cashore’s approach to the book at large. I’ve been waiting forever! She created an organization called The Council, which does nice stuff!


This is my fourth read through and I loved it as much as the first. Instead of helping the women in the rest of the land to defend themselves and educating them on how to be stronger and stand up for themselves, bittfrblue she has the means and freedom to do as a privileged person; Katsa has grown up surrounded by wealth and resources.


Bitterblue was kicking ass and I just liked it more than the other two although they were really good too. The whole backdrop of magical kingdoms and whatnot was alright. Oct 10, Crowinator rated it it was amazing Shelves: The irony being that their favourite passtime is telling women what to do.

Wester, Nander, Estill, Sunder and Middluns are the names for the kingdoms in the west, north, east, south and middle of the peninsula. Their relationship definitely was not a forefront in this story, yet I found myself wishing that it had been simply because it would have made for more interesting parts in this rather sullen tale.

Bitterblue : Kristin Cashore :

She’s a badass who’s earned her credentials. Katsa had some serious control issues. Let me list my favorites. View all 9 comments. For me, I just enjoyed being back in this world.

Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1) by Kristin Cashore

Po, Raffin, and Giddon are all incredibly vivid characters [and they all get more later]. However, the plot is a weakness that kept the book from being truly excellent in spite of having many fantastic qualities. Her kingdom has been under the thirty-five-year long spell of a madman, and now their only bitterbluue to move forward is to revisit the past.

I found the ending to cahsore portion of the tale not what I had anticipated and I was constantly angered by his attitude and actions. So let’s sum it all up: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Am I getting boring? I was so happy when Katsa met Po! Jul 30, Sean rated it liked it Bitferblue Katsa was described as a fighter who is unbeatable and unconquerable, she even have to control her strength on her sparring sessions.


In this case, there was a lot of not so subliminal preaching going on in this story, that on further analysis, I can’t get past.

Graceling fans, prepare to be conflicted. And the idea that it’s not love if you don’t want to marry them, or that you shouldn’t have sex until you’re married is why all the poor children in your congregation are ma Gah sooo good! Many people loved this book.

She fights her demons by seeking the truth through reading, and remembering, and putting together her own scattered puzzle. I truly wish my expectations had not been so high for this one.

He could convince people they had committed wrongs against those they loved or even make them perform actions they would never do without his coercion. She never expects to learn the truth behind her Graceā€”or the terrible bitterbluue that lies hidden far away.

She was basically her uncle, King Randa’s goon. View all 15 comments. With elegant, evocative prose and a cast of unforgettable characters, debut author Kristin Cashore creates a mesmerizing world, a death-defying adventure, and a heart-racing romance that will consume you, hold you captive, and leave you wanting more.

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