Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for Bird-Watching-In-Lion- Bird Watching In Lion Country by Dirk Du Toit. Reviews for BWILC by Dirk Du Toit at By traders, for traders. Hi: Does anyone have any experience with or opinions about the book [U] Birdwatching in Lion Country[/U] by Dirk du Toit? Other than the.

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I subscribe to it in principle but it is often misunderstood.

Forex Falacies Exposed: Bird Watching in Lion Country

Their problem is they have never started off properly which means they are always heading in the wrong direction. Grow your profits day after day! They keep bg forward, desperate for a glimpse.

Dirk says that if he’s wrong on the dr.idrk, he’d rather make this loss on a small position than a large one. My aim, as watchint mentor to my students, is to not have them standing unprotected and all alone out in the bush holding on to a watchibg tail.

I know thats the right way to go and I thought I was doing that with the 4 hrs and daily charts. Even a trending market does not travel in a straight line. You will need more. It may be assumed that because of my skeptical views on aspects of technical analysis that I am a trader who relies only on the fundamentals to make short term trading decisions.

Unlike other ebooks in the market this ebook does not sell you a system which you can cram and apply, it sells a pattern of successful behaviours which traders can acquire.

When thinking about reviewing the book Bird Watching in Lion Country I realized how difficult it is to write an objective, fair and substantiated book review. The Pennsylvania Dutchman had asked for exact information and the president gave it to him, showing him what the company was doing and how it stood financially, to a cent. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Casinos know that most punters do not sit down and start losing money from the word go.


Half the time the market will move up ljon half the time it will move down. If you refer by strategy to -: They dodge d spells cast by the marketing wizards.

Dirk du Toit’s Bird Watching in Lion Country

This sr.dirk sets the real deep down fundamentals of how you can become a winning trader. It is simply not true that you can apply universal risk management principles of risk reward, stop loss and other parameters on all time frames. This book is meant to be more than just a primer. Last edited by a moderator: It was fine heavy linen paper with beautifully engraved letterheads in two colors.

Bird Watching in the Lion Country – [PDF Document]

My risk management actually starts with my 4×1 strategy, and particularly awtching gearing small position size. Think of the currency market, these constantly fluctuating prices and this never ending stream of information, as a highway. Surely timing of entry has to be pin-point or pip-point Other times it is the sellers and the market moves down.

You need to be able to take the pain of uncertainty. But what wayching our office look like, where do we find our President? The forex market is ‘lion country’. Think about the investment horizons of these major players. For now I want you just to take note of the role which perspective and time frame plays in currency trading.


The answer is yes, and specifically watchint answer lies in, once again, not being too literal, walking around the bush before picking up dangerous objects, standing back from the highway to get a good perspective, and understanding the deep connections that are at play in the world of foreign exchange. Let me give you an example. We will examine, in some detail, what real time analysis means, but for now you must know that my approach to currency trading is rooted in the here and now, the reality of what is happening around me.

For this principle to translate into successful trading it should begin to become clear that you need time. Its about a meter in length and two inches in diameter, and tawny coloured. Maybe I was not managing my trades well but half the time I dont even get to the point to manage my trades. If you dont understand this, the affect of real time events, and even the real affect of fictitious events on the currency markets, then you are once again bird watching in lion country.

Bird Watching in the Lion Country

In a clean price chart there is too much in formation to use sensibly. We will also address the issues of regulation especially where it impacts on the way you trade, i.

But it’s not an easy one.

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