The existence of both the Slayers d20 as well as the Besm Slayers books has recently been brought to my attention. I was wondering if anyone. Well. Since FFG didn’t get Smuggler’s Run done by the end of October, I s’pose I have to patch the lack of RPG’ey fun with this book, then. Index system Search: Big Eyes, Small Mouth (25 results) Big Eyes, Small Mouth Generic. The Slayers, Guardians of Order, Big Eyes, Small Mouth

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Slayers elayers book made by the same fags who made the BESM books. Chaos Words help to shape mana into specific patterns, and can be forgone if you’re sufficiently skilled; a good mage can cast a spell just by invoking its name, whilst a great one doesn’t even need that.

Instead, he himself is killed when, after Lina weakens him in self defense, Hellmaster Phibrizzo takes advantage of his condition to strike him down.

BESM THE SLAYERS NEXT: Anime Roleplaying Rpg Sourcebook – Book #2 – $ | PicClick

According to the creator, Lost Universe may or may not be part of Slayer’s universe, or even its prequel, beesm shit is complicated so here’s the plot:. The Lost Ship are suppose to be space ships created by the ancient ayyy lmao to wage war. Hellmaster Phibrizzo is a sadistic, manipulative monster even by the standards of the Mazoku. Most beastfolk elayers humans with animalistic heads and skins, but one strain is particularly weird.

To start with, all spells require a single standard action to start casting.

Oh, those are rare indeed – Lina Inverse has the only set known in the series, and she had to steal those off of Xellos. Not to be confused with this pile of faggotry.

Now, this is pretty flavorful, but since the Wizard class in Slayers D20 is still running off a D6 hit dice mechanic, it’s inherently flawed; spells quickly become too taxing on hit points to be worth casting at all, which really messes up the paradigm.

Season two also introduces Demon Dragon King Gaav, a rebellious demon-god who, due to a rebellion in the past, had his form locked into that of a human. If you fail the check, then you take double the Drain anyway and need to make a Control Check, but if you fail it by 10 points or more, you’re also automatically Exhausted.


In the Slayers world, trolls are a species of monstrous humanoid known for their strength, their toughness, and their ability to heal from almost anything.

In fact, the last two official seasons – Revolution and Evolution-R – are literally the result of taking this to the official level, consisting of only 13 episodes apiece and fitting together as a single meta-season. Holy Magic is the polar opposite of Black Magic, drawing its power from the positive energies embodied by the Shinzoku. This is because spells are fueled by mana, and every living thing in the Slayers universe has mana.

Has a surprisingly tragic backstory that never gets mentioned or brought up. The title refers to the title under which Central Park Media released the three seasons of the television series.

The Slayers d20 – Wikipedia

If you pass this check, the spell still goes off, it just took a lot more out of you than it should have. The game uses the d20 System with a variant magic system designed to reflect the powerful spells found in the series. She charged the Shinzoku with preserving their chosen world, and the Mazoku with destroying it.

At some point in the past, Chaos Besj Gaav was sealed inside of a mortal host, much like his master – unlike Shabranigdu, he was not strong enough to resist the “purifying” effect of being bonded to human souls, which stripped slayes of the instinctive yearning for obliteration that all Mazoku are supposed to feel. There are slayera of a romantic attraction between the two, but it usually goes nowhere, save in the odd season finale.

A clone of him reappears in season 2; this incarnation seeks only to destroy the heroes to prove he is more powerful than the original, a pretty good example of Neutral Evil. See, the Slayers tends to internally divide each season into two major plot-lines, which are told over their own 13 episode arc, although they share a greater continuity. Half-Golems, mortals magically merged with slaters stone to gain the golem’s toughness and resilience, are far superior.


It’s the most well-rounded and utilitarian of schools, with lots of spells for attack, defense and utility. He hates looking like a freak and is always out to find a bem for his beem. Has kind of a thing for Amelia that is a bit more explicit than the other main romantic couple in the series. These innocent plans are scuttled when a Golden Dragon priestess from the outer world named Filia recruits the Slayers to avert a prophecy of doom in the “Darkstar Prophecy Arc”, which also sees them facing off against Valgaav, the half-mazoku dragon servitor of Chaos Dragon Gaav.

Zelgadis Graywords is a cursed sorcerer-swordsman whose great-grandfather, the famous Red Priest Rezo, magically fused him with two different kinds of monsters to make him stronger.

BESM Slayers Try Campaign Book

Retrieved from ” https: If dragons are confusing when it comes to the question of where they sit amongst the racial hierarchy, then demons are worse. This makes slayefs the only branch of Shamanism that can hope to affect Mazoku, with its Ra Tilt spell being considered almost as powerful as the Dragon Slave. In the slaers this is the idiot Gourry, the chimera Zelgadis and the princess Amelia. The main character is bems absurdly overpowered sorceress Lina Inverse and her companions.

The Slayer’s own science fiction spin off. One cannot speak of Slayers without mentioning Xelloss, the mysterious priest. The book was scheduled to go out of print inas Guardians of Order’s license to publish Slayers material expires. Theoretically, everyone can do magic in the Slayers universe – all one needs to do is speak the Chaos Words incantations that invoke the various metaphysical entities from whom spells draw their power and bam, the spell goes off.

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