Back to Methuselah () by George Bernard Shaw · Documentation for the TextInfo template. information about this edition. This work, written. Back to Methuselah Preface by George Bernard Shaw An Infidel Half Century. ” Beginning” title page→. Documentation for the TextInfo template. Back to Methuselah has ratings and 21 reviews. David said: The evolution of Humanity played out on stage27 March When I picked this book up a.

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Never in history, bacck far as we know, had there been such a determined, richly subsidized, jethuselah organized attempt to persuade the human race that all progress, all prosperity, all salvation, individual and social, depend on an unrestrained conflict for food and money, on the suppression and elimination of the weak by the strong, on Free Trade, Free Contract, Free Competition, Natural Liberty, Laisser-faire: My pre-Darwinian uncle knew as well as Darwin that the race-horse and the dray-horse are not separate creations from the Garden of Eden, but adaptations by deliberate human selection of the medieval war-horse to modern racing and industrial haulage.

There is hardly a laborer attached to an English country house who has not taken a litter of kittens or puppies to the bucket, and drowned all ahaw them except the one he thinks the most promising. Mar 15, E. Cain is now obsolete because humanity is no longer violent, and Adam is obsolete because humanity no longer tills the soil.

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Genesis had held the field until the time of Linnaeus the famous botanist. But atheism did not account for Paley’s watch. Shaw’s solution is enhanced longevity: St John might say that ‘God is spirit’ as pointedly as he pleased; our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth might ratify the Article again and again; serious divines might feel as deeply as they could that a God with body, parts, and passions could be nothing but an anthropomorphic idol: The brothers are disappointed but remain completely confident that the change is sure to happen.

It widened human possibilities to the extent of enabling us to hope that the most prolonged and difficult operation of our minds may yet become instantaneous, or, as we call it, instinctive. The evolution of Humanity played out on stage 27 March When I picked this book up again I noticed that I have already read and commented on it, and I suspect that the comment that I wrote was back when I simply commented on books that I had already read not realising that there were a number of books that I wanted to read again including this one.

The set-back that occurred between your lessons occurs again. Cain, being the violent one also brings in the idea of slavery and creating a two class system, namely the strong and violent ones who rule, and the weak and submissive ones, who are ruled.


He must have known about the bound feet even if he knew nothing of the mutilations, the clipped ears and docked tails, practised by dog fanciers and horse breeders on many generations of the unfortunate animals they deal in. He was conscious of having discovered a process of transformation and modification which accounted for methuselh great deal of natural history. Asked why, he says life alone is true and meaningful and bernrad marble remains marble, no matter how skilfully it is shaped.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Far from being unconscious of heredity, or sceptical, men were insanely credulous about it: Mar 04, Sejjad. All that is necessary to make him extend his present span is that tremendous catastrophes such as the late war shall convince him of the necessity of at least outliving his taste for golf and cigars if the race is to be saved.

But we refuted these orientals by asking triumphantly what the tortoise go on?

Life spans of longer than a century or two, youth and ability well into third century, or lives a millennium long with growing up and reproduction finished soon so the true vocation can be taken up, of thought and creation? It will benefit anyone open minded and ready to not mistake the book’s scientific or science fiction credentials with its intellectual value.

The celebrated Buffoon was forgotten; I had doubled my years and my length; and I had discarded the religion of my forefathers. For if we would compare the Infinite, it would surely require a greater Infinite to cause the causes of effects than to produce the effects themselves.

He should then have hypnotized them into an urgent conviction that the fate of the musque world depended on the disappearance of its tail, just as some ancient and forgotten experimenter seems to have convinced the cats of the Isle of Man.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Better a thousand times Moses and Spurgeon [a then famous preacher] back again. Another answer was also possible: The stock reply to this is to be found in Lewes’s Life of Goethe. However something is wrong.

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Pygmalion has successfully created a pair of living, artificial human beings and is ready to display them, which he does, to an audience made impatient by his incomprehensible scientific explanations. This, I would argue, is a case of weakness of faith because change is not only good, but necessary, and those who are strong in their faith can change things without destroying the faith.

Such phrases set us free to revel in demonstrating to the Vitalists and Bible worshippers that if we once admit the existence of any kind of force, however unintelligent, and stretch out the past to methuselahh time for such force to operate accidentally in, that force may conceivably, by the action of Circumstantial Selection, produce a world in which every function has an organ perfectly adapted to perform it, and therefore backk every appearance of having been designed, like Paley’s watch, by a conscious and intelligent artificer for the purpose.


His proof is that the butterfly immediately settles again on the flower, and repeats the performance every time the lizard springs, thus shewing that it learns nothing from experience, and–Weismann concludes–is not conscious of what it does.

Unfortunately neither parents, parsons, nor pedagogues could be induced to adopt that article.

They had given up the riddle of the Great First Cause as insoluble, and were calling themselves, accordingly, Agnostics. Collected Letters, —, p. If your neck is too short to reach your food, you die. Lewes scorned the notion that circumstances govern character. Not necessarily, said Darwin. Then he waited to see whether their children would be born without tails. Erasmus Darwin, the grandfather of Charles, carried the environment theory much bzck, pointing out instance after instance of modifications made in species apparently to adapt it to circumstances and environment: Books by George Bernard Shaw.

Back to Methuselah

He rose and said that we were like two men working a saw, he pushing it forward and I pushing it back, and cutting nothing; but when we had dropped the subject and were walking through the refectory, he returned to it for a moment to say that he should go mad if he lost his belief. It is set in England in the ‘s where two gentlemen discuss the future of humanity.

Karl Marx had proclaimed in his Communist Manifesto of now enjoying Scriptural authority in Russia that civilization is an organism evolving irresistibly by beenard selection; and he published the first volume of his Das Kapital in Would he not gernard that the signal-men were devils? An Evolutionist with a live mind would first metguselah dropped the popular expression ‘acquired habits,’ because to an Evolutionist there are no other habits and can be no others, a man being only an amoeba with acquirements.

Confucius congratulates him on having reached the first stage of maturity. Both Burge-Lubin and Barnabas are considerably put off because they stand in awe of her although they deem her quite good-looking. What made it scientifically intolerable was that it was ready at a moment’s notice to upset the whole order of the universe on the most trumpery provocation, whether by stopping the sun in the valley of Ajalon or sending an atheist home dead on a shutter the shutter was indispensable because it marked the utter methuselaj of the atheist, who, unable to save himself by a deathbed repentance, bac, subsequently roasted through all eternity in blazing brimstone.

A fantastic approach to how we should live. Then came the great poet who jumped over the facts to the conclusion.

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