The Tenants: A Novel (FSG Classics) [Bernard Malamud, Aleksandar Hemon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With a new introduction by. In commemoration of the centenary of Bernard Malamud’s birth (April 26, ), FSG’s Work in Progress will be celebrating this icon of. Complete summary of Bernard Malamud’s The Tenants. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Tenants.

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Aug 23, Richard Knight rated it really liked it.

The problem is Harry falls for Bill’s as he wants to be called white girlfriend, and mayhem ensues. As the story unfolds, all the building’s residents have moved out with the exception of Lesser, who believes he’s the sole remaining occupant and plans on staying until he completes his third novel.

Bernarr tension figures prominently, I can’t deny, but it seems to be more a ghe tool than The reputation of The Tentants as a novel of Afro-Semitic race relations gave me low, low expectations.

This part is a perfect illustration of madness and art and is a lot of fun, if a bit confusing. He has been working on the novel for the last nine years. Nov 02, Arash rated it really liked it. The words are clearly spoken and mapamud speed with which the story is read are fine.

The Tenants

The word play for word play’s sake was too much of the Joycean imitation that we tenznts so often in the mid years of last century. Then I stepped over five other books and landed in the s. There are a few other aspects that date the book, particularly the sex and drug bits yet more!

The moment he receives even the slightest bit of criticism, he gets upset and does something stupid. The only book I can really think of that had a redeemable, respectable black character was The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, and that character was a doctor juxtaposed with other black characters who loathed him for being so mmalamud.


Maybe I should pretend it wasn’t Malamud and approach it as an unknown author. What is its message? There’s a sense that everything is falling apart, not only for these characters, but for the author as well.

Nov 16, Stephen rated it it was ok.

He is struggling with the landlord to allow him to stay there until he finishes the last chapter of his novel, as he likes the quiet of the old building. It never fully dies for malanud truly loved. In an apartment building that may be condemned any moment, two all-but-failed artists: May 08, Cat rated tenajts it was amazing. This begins their powerful begnard relationship. The reputation of The Tentants as a novel of Afro-Semitic race relations gave me low, low expectations.

Henry and Willie are artistic rivals and unwilling neighbors, and their uneasy peace is disturbed by the presence of Willie’s white girlfriend Irene and the landlord Levenspiel’s attempts to evict both men and demolish the building.

If a book must use sordid language to accurately describe events and characters, then at least the message to be conveyed must be clear.

I felt an absence of closure for some secondary plots but for the most part, this was a very gripping piece of work. It is with great pleasure that I see the battery power run out so I can get back to this book.

That’s how you DON’T write three-dimensional characters.

His novel was started here; it must be finished here. Racial tension figures prominently, I can’t deny, but it seems to be more a narrative tool than a central focus. The tenement is to be replaced by more profitable office buildings. It’s thrilling, terrifying, and strange if you write because the novel’s real subject is writing, about how it takes over everything, and all else is secondary, including love and lovers, family and friends.


Gone is the easygoing, beautiful prose that glimmers; in its place is a noisy, experimental tale that felt more like cocaine on the brain.

I guess this just wasn’t what I was expecting compared to the other two books I’d already read — it is much more experimental in nature, and not as in depth about the characters. A past junky with a penchant for violence, Willie, too, is a writer looking for a place to free his inspiration.

Apr 28, Cody rated it really liked it Shelves: We watch what happens. He tricked me into believing that it was a story about tenante realization in which the hero ties up all of his loose ends after learning his lesson the hard way. I thought I’d say a word. Not as good as earlier Malamud. The sole tenant in a rundown tenement, Henry Lesser is struggling to finish a novel, but Now, I roll my eyes almost anytime a story is written about writers, but I’ll grant each and every author one token to play the writer card but only one.

The Tenants (novel) – Wikipedia

Still, t Supposedly about man’s inhumanity to man, but really about one guy taking another guy’s girl when neither of them really give a shit about herand one writer trying to destroy another’s work although both are insatiably intrigued at what the other one is up to. Finally a fiction that has me addicted. The other residents have moved after receiving lucrative payoffs. I was very surprised to find that The Tenants is so different from The Fixer in style, period and mood.

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