: Leviathan: Leviathan; Behemoth; Goliath (The Leviathan Trilogy) ( ): Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson: Books. Behemoth is a steampunk novel written by Scott Westerfeld and illustrated by Keith Thompson, and the second book in the Leviathan trilogy. This novel is the. The behemoth is the fiercest creature in the British navy. It can swallow enemy battleships with one bite. The Darwinists will need it, now that.

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The illustrations that just get better and better. We learn a little more about his allies, Klopp and Vogler too. The new characters added to the story were fun, and the addition of the perspicacious loris? And um… Manchee, too. Alek’s escape gets botched, and he finds himself in a strange city and separated from his foremost advisor, Count Volger. We see Istanbul get quite a bit of notice here. It certainly doesn’t earn Alek any points in my book, but Westerfeld gets some for not making him illogically ahead of his time.

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

Deryn reluctantly brings him to the count’s room. Good because he was taking charge of his life in a way that made me want to stand up and cheer, bad because I thought his snobbishness scltt super amusing. Sscott on board the ship, Deryn learns that the revolution was sucessful, especially since the Kizlar Agha took the Sultan away on his airyacht, preventing further bloodshed.

Writing is also meant for younger readers. The Leviathan arrives in Constantinople, a city where Clanker culture and Darwinst principles intersect in the most intriguing ways. However, as Alek and his men are escaping, they are discovered and Volger and Hoffman must stay behind, while Klopp and Bauer escape with Alek into the city of Istanbul.

Apr 02, AH rated it really liked it Shelves: Jun 12, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: Behemoth in two words: As this is a YA and the readers targeted are young minds the author doesn’t spend much time to m Behemoth, the second installment wesgerfeld the series was a letdown compared wexterfeld it’s predecessor.

Mar 13, Catie rated it really liked it Shelves: There is a lot of care taken in explaining the underlying tensions that would erupt into the Great War, using simple enough terms to illustrate the political nuances in a way that will probably send a kid or two into a wdsterfeld career in political science.


Behemoth begins more-or-less straight after Leviathan ended, with the air ship and its heroes, Deryn still disguised as a boy called Dylan and Alek Without a doubt, Westerfeld’s Leviathan was one of my favourite books from last year, so when the second book came out I ordered it straight away – I just had to get it in my desterfeld.

Or behemothh least lock him in a room with Volger so he can get glared at disapprovingly until he sees sense. There came a time where I thought Deryn and Alek would get romantically involved, but wait! It’s hard to know where the story is behemoht to go from here, except perhaps the restoration of Alek to his rightful position – though if I remember correctly, and considering Alek’s existence is fiction Franz Ferdinand had no childrenWesterdeld actually hoping there’s something more interesting in store for him.

With the book titled after this monstrous war ship, I really would have expected it to appear much earlier. And Alek starts to step up his leadership abilities. Volger also feels that Alek should try to escape when the Leviathan reaches Istanbul. There, they become involved in a revolution to overthrow the Sultan.

Nov 14, Ylenia rated it liked it Shelves: Hardcoverpages.

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld book review

Oh, Aleksandr, if only you knew. After the battle, Alek and his men are put behemtoh guard. The plot was interesting and captivating for the most part. Deryn is moving right along with her secret but now she is starting to feel a little guilty about keeping it from Alek when he trusts her so much.

Uglies Pretties Specials Extras The Perspicacious Loris is wonderful.

Deryn is still my favourite character and one of the most heroic characters I’ve come across, but I found myself appreciating Alek more here – the glimpses of compassion and maturity we got in Leviathan have provided solid ground to build on, and the development of his character is satisfying and believable as he comes into his own element.


She convinces Alek to come soctt on board the ship with her, saying that they belong together.

I listened to the au Hello scientific world nerds that understand machinery. However I did find the illustrations distracting as I spent a lot of times staring at the pictures, digesting every little detail.

The Allies mostly the British are known as the Darwinists. This book has a sound appeal to all genders and ages. This provides enough “historical credibility” to allow for the suspension of disbelief, which is one of those story-telling necessities that too many stories like this fail to provide.

They prepare the Committee’s walkers for throwing spice bombs. I know the leviathan is a whale. Other books in the series.

This story line deals more with the politics of the war than with Walkers and the Leviathan itself. These books are light, fun, and tremendously imaginative. Let’s just say that that was different. This might be beyemoth this is the third book I’ve read recently with a girl dressing up as a boy, and all of them are falling into the trope of the girl putting herself at risk of xcott over the silly boy. Girls who refuse to let some stuck-up prince outlast them in holding their position in fencing training.

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The young Verne and his best friend Andre Nemo stow behemlth on a ship bound for the high seas, but Jules’ father catches Jules and forces him to come home in total disgrac They help people like me with small imaginations and they are nice to look at. Bauer offers to stay with Klopp, and let Alek and Deryn escape, but Deryn wants to try to signal the Leviathansafely passing over Istanbul after the destruction of the Tesla cannon. The novel ends with the news that the Leviathan is now headed east, to Japan.

As with Leviathanthe audiobook is read by Alan Cumming.

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