Beauveria bassiana is a fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world and acts as a parasite on various arthropod species, causing white muscardine disease; it thus belongs to the entomopathogenic fungi. It is being used as a biological insecticide to control a number of pests such. Beauveria bassiana is an entomopathogenic fungi that causes white As with any insecticide, follow all safety precautions on the label when using B. bassiana . BroadBand® – a fungal contact insecticide for the effective reduction of target Beauveria bassiana strain PPRI (Minimum 4e9 Viable spores per millilitre).

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Is derived from a hardy African strain, isolated from the tortoise beetle. Apply a minimum of ml BroadBand per ha at first bassiaba of Mite presence. Download free PDF Reader. Store in original container in a dry area, away from food and feed stuffs. In Marchgenetically modified Beauveria bassiana was found in a number of research laboratories and greenhouses outside of a designated containment area at Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand.

You can even do soakings.

To control whiteflies and aphids, spray under the leaves where bfauveria are mostly present. Its use in the control of malaria -transmitting mosquitos is under investigation. In case of accidental contact immediately flush eyes with clean water.


Beauveria bassiana how to apply it for best results | Anatis Bioprotection

Fill the spray tank with half the required water volume and start agitator mechanism. South Africa English African. BroadBand is a contact insecticide and it is essential that the spores make contact with all the insects to be treated. This will add too much air to the water and the solution will not mix properly. Apply at first sign ihsecticida False Codling Moth pest presence.

BioCeres® WP

Apply as a full cover spray as soon as the first crawler movement is noticed, normally at bud burst. The latter teleomorph the sexually reproducing form has been collected only in eastern Asia.

Grasshoppers killed by Insecticids. Never pre-mix in a pail or bucket using a stick or whisk. Archived from the original on 13 December Avoid contact with skin, wash exposed hands before consuming food, drinking or smoking. As a species, Beauveria bassiana parasitizes a very wide range of arthropod hosts.

Do not make tank mix of Bio-Power with fungicides. Wash hands with soap and cold water after application. For best results in applying Beauveria bassiana: Bio-Power is compatible with neem beauverja other bio-pesticide products.

Box Halfway House Emergency Number: If water volumes exceeds litre water, use ml BroadBand per ha.

Archived from the original on 7 Inswcticida Apply in late insectciida, early evening. Do not keep the solution to apply the next day. The best practice is to start foliar applications at the beginning of the season, when you receive the plants, or on cuttings before pests first appear. BroadBand contains fungal spores it is therefore not advisable to mix it in the same tank with commercially used chemical pesticides, unless recommended.


Use as soon as possible after sealed bottle is opened. The fungus rarely infects humans or other animals, so it is generally considered safe as an insecticide. Archived from the original on The repressive effect is generally noticed after 7 days and pests will not develop any resistance to the fungus. Back Sunflowers Sunflower solutions Back. Once the spores of the fungus come into contact with the cuticle of the host insect, they germinate secreting enzymes which are specific in their ability to weaken the insect cuticle.

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