Battlefield 3 Premium eGuide. $ This guide is not available for purchase. Strategy for every DLC pack (Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill. PRO Welcome to the official game guide for Battlefield 3. If you’re a veteran of Wake Island, Karkand, Verdun, or Arica Harbor, you know why weVe But it’s back by popular demand and it really changes the pace of the game, especially if . Check out 6 new screenshots from the BF3 Back to Karkand DLC! . Battlefield is happy to bring you the first images of the official Battlefield 3 Prima Guide.

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All though the M6C has been mostly replaced by the M, the upgraded M6QE4 features modern accessory rails, a shortened barrel, and improved reliability, and reduced weight. Ita often better to save your ammo for when the vehicle teabheSTta destinatio.

Its fire-and-forget system requires dguide lock on before launch; it is exceptionally powerful against enemy armor. Rush mafcheS; watch for enemies lurking about during these vulnerable seconds as yod ;c3hrdiB: So think carefully before dropping one of these.

This is a very large map and there’s a lot of terrain to cover on foot. New pistols are unlocked as you earn promotions, AMMO: This is not only more accurate, but it also provides a zoomed-in view of the target.


Battllefield the end of the video a player is seen using the mortar. Although the reasoning behind this is DICE is planning a day 1 update and reviewing a different version of the game would make it hard to review accurately.

Fault Line Series Episode I: Like the Tactical Light, it battledield also temporarily blind opponents, making it difficult for them to return fire. Planet Battlefield Login Click to login with your site account Register Click to create a site account.

Still, the US team should attempt to capture the Gas Station to deny the RU team these vehicles, The flag is located near the roadway, not far from the battlefisld wreck of a truck.

Where are you located? This gives them a bit more protection from incoming fire than riding on the landing skid. Despite the Type 88 name [referring to as the year of adoption], the weapon has only recently entered wide service with the People’s Liberation Army. Often, structures can funnel you into a kill zone the enemy has set up.

Instead, try to hrtthe side or rear armor of a tank where you can inflict more damage and stand a better chance of remaining undetected. If you made no lateral adjustments, you’ll still be lmed?

Planet Battlefield – Maps, News, Battlefield 3, Videos, Downloads

To further increase accuracy, crouch or drop prone and remain stationary while firing. Most of the weapons you use are direct fire, meaning that the projectile you fire travels in a basically straight line from your weapon to the target.


Ofcicial Scan Upgrade 4, Externa! US Marines, attempting to cut of the Russian advance towards the inland, need to push the Russians out of the border and destroy their nearby base.

When launched, the missile flies straight up then comes crashing down on the target.

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It’s your choice whether to stick with your team or to go on a solo hunt. But this time, the soldier you revive has a choice. None of the items on your HUD are there for aesthetics. Before you attack your first enemy, you must first learn how to spot them. From what direction is your enemy likely to approach?

Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide [Prima]

But don’t expect your new friend to go unnoticed by enemies. The aircraft benefits from a relatively low stall speed, allowing you to reduce speed during strafing runs, giving you more time to fire the cannon and rockets. Also, when suppressed, the pistols do not suffer from a loss of accuracy, making them a great weapon to equip when you’re under heavy fire.

Turn around period- ically to avoid getting knifed in the back. By default, aiming will enter supported shooting.

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