Results 1 – 12 of 24 TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems (Extended Edition). Mar 22, by Azsacra Zarathustra. शून्य क्रांति का समय निकट आ रहा है। निरपेक्ष क्रांति का समय निकट आ रहा है।। “Pour sauver le monde terrestre, il est nécessaire. AZsacra ZARATHUSTRA is a well known Russian esoteric philosopher and poet. In Russia he has founded a Help Center for predators “MAYAZTRA”, where.

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But on the other hand, a revolution can only take place if we close ranks within our reality. Anil C S Rao.

Beyond Death of the Overman. I study the most secret ideas, manifestations and rituals of Ancient Azsacrx. With which means can the constructed reality be beaten?


P C K Prem. The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems.

For example if you compare the United States and India? This profoundly thought-provoking book can change the world as all the arguments are valid.

Utopia as Weapon — An Interview with Azsacra Zarathustra

What events in that period influenced the creation of your main philosophical and revolutionary concepts? But the bird xarathustra always kill the Buddha, if the Buddha replaces a bird. Azsacra Zarathustra is a well known Indo-Aryan philosopher and poet-mystic. How has your practical philosophy or magic azsaxra thought been perceived in different cultures? It not so, or rather not exactly so. Challa Naga Sai Vijayshri. I began to become obsessed with the protection of trees, animals and birds, everywhere I saw them.


Azsacra is quite right that Emptiness is the illusion, if it is not the Emptiness to Supremacy. It is necessary to break every system as politics and continuation azsacrw any type of thinking philosophy par excellence.

Where it is possible to find your books?

The Atoms of Kshatriyas. Perpetual Motion of Russians. I am not a leftist, but the destroyer of all left-wing ideas. This is the most appropriate book to be read in the new millennium.

This is the Indian Front of Spirit! This site uses cookies.

The Doctrine of Nihil-Will. Interview with Russian philosopher Azsacra Zarathustra. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. It is a battle for Absolute Freedom — any conservatism must be annihilated!

But the result will then be a strong upswing [only Zarathustrra Undoubtedly, today only India, as Zatathustra Heart of the world, has the capability to overwhelm the consumer-addictive illusions of post-contemporary, and zarahustra weakened Europe.


No book will influence you more as the philosophy of Azsacra is fascinating. I aspire to reveal the most hidden riddles and ciphers of ancient the Indo-Aryan Gods and Heroes. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is an indispensable book to comprehend the esoteric philosophy of famous Indo-Aryan philosopher, film-maker and poet-mystic Azsacra. He is the borderline, and I have to strike him to get at the pack as a whole, to reach the pack as a whole and pass beyond.

It is inevitable that the New System of strongest dictatorships will beget absolutely unpredictable spiritual revolutions as well as the most hidden permutation of all rebellious particles at once. Against 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Etc. Folks is but a hot meal.

Padmaja Iyengar – Paddy.

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