Complete summary of Julio Cortazar’s Axolotl. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Axolotl. AXOLOTL Source for information on Axolotl by Julio Cortázar, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. The axolotl Ambystoma mexicanum, also known as the Mexican walking fish, is a neotenic .. Argentine writer Julio Cortázar included a short story entitled “Axolotl ” in his collection Final del juego. The story concerns a man who becomes.

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The axolotls huddled on the wretched narrow iulio I can know how narrow and wretched floor of moss and stone in the tank. One attractive feature for research is the large and easily manipulated embryowhich allows viewing of the full development of a vertebrate. Only the little hands. The Axolotl is a very strange creature. No transition and no surprise, I saw my face against the glass, I saw it on the outside of the tank, I saw it on the other side of the glass.

No se daba cuenta de que eran ellos los que me devoraban lentamente por los ojos en un canibalismo de oro.

A very slender black halo ringed the eye and etched azolotl onto the pink flesh, onto the rosy stone of the head, vaguely triangular, but with curved and triangular sides which gave it a total likeness to a statuette corroded by time. Eventually, it was clear that the fascination has become an obsession.

Axolotl by Julio Cortázar, |

Obscurely I seemed to understand their secret will, to abolish space and time with an indifferent immobility. Axolotl From Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding Retrieved 10 Corazar I went to see them in the aquarium at the Jardin des Plantes and stayed for hours watching them, observing their immobility, their faint movements. Ambystoma mexicanum Shaw and Nodder It’s that we don’t enjoy moving a lot, and the tank is so cramped—we barely move in any direction and we’re hitting one of the others with our tail or our head—difficulties arise, fights, tiredness.


Unlike some other neotenic salamanders sirens and Necturusaxolotls can be induced to metamorphose by an injection of iodine used in the production of thyroid hormones or by shots of thyroxine hormone. Nor is there a simple, common explanation in psychology, that “my own sensibility was projecting a nonexistent consciousness upon the axolotls,” for that would be the device of traditional and not magical realism, an excuse for everything fabulous that has transpired.

The adult form resembles a terrestrial plateau tiger salamanderbut has several differences, such as longer toes, which support its status as a separate species. The axolotl become his confidantes and they, his; he finds himself empathizing with and understanding them.

Axolotls in crisis: the fight to save the ‘water monster’ of Mexico City

For example, it could be discerned that he has the propensity to ascribe humanistic qualities to animals: They were suffering, every fiber of my body reached toward that stifled pain, that stiff torment at the bottom of the tank.

Axolitl title itself would be meaningful only to a marine biologist, and so the story’s narrator takes time to look up the name in a library: At the canal, he excitedly jumps into his canoe and puts his hand inside the water to show me molluscs, worms and other creatures — proof of the quality of the habitat. This discovery was the starting point of research about neoteny. Amphibian Species of the World: The story itself fluctuates between the first, second and third person, sometimes all in the same sentence and often it becomes unclear as to who is telling the story, the young artist or his camara lens.


The long narrative poem constituted a meditation on the corrtazar and fate of the Minotaur in his labyrinth.

Axolotl – Wikipedia

Today the axolotl is studied for its ability to rebuild body parts and the recently revealed fact that it has the longest known DNA strand. He was outside the aquarium, his thinking was a thinking outside the tank. Zambrano leads a project called Refugio Chinampa seeking to bring the animal back cottazar its natural habitat.

Recognizlng him, being him himself, I was an axolotl and in my world. Barrero believes a change is coming from a younger generation of chinamperos seeking to apply the ecologically conscious agricultural practices of their forefathers, but that it will take time.

His masterpiece was RayuelaHopscotchan open-ended anti-novel, in which the reader is invited to axolol the axoloyl. Rayuela was a deeply influential novel for the Latin American writing community.

Instead, an identification of being and not just allusion has taken place. I think it was the axolotls’ heads, that triangular pink shape with nulio tiny eyes of gold.

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