Authentic Thaumaturgy [Isaac Bonewits] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A real world look at magic from Isaac Bonewits who carries a. Here’s an excerpt from the Second Edition of Authentic Thaumaturgy, my book on magic and religion for players of fantasy games such as. Isaac Bonewits on The Laws of Magic (excerpt from his ‘Authentic Thaumaturgy’).

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Colors of Magic for Gaming Grey: Magicians in all modes and specialties usually make their own physical tools and consecrate them personally. As to presentation, most of the art is done in imitation of old woodcuts. Soon computer, video, and film-making technology began to be used as parts of total game packages to play on home computers as well as through online computer services.

This can be very colorful. As with the previous Magical Strength Adjustment Term, a character may roll a lower Magical Power at a new rank than he had at his previous rank. With great dignity, Belinda faints from relief.

Readers should feel free to take all, part or none of my suggestions, depending upon thauaturgy they think the ideas would fit with their game universes.

Autentic Thaumaturgy

The mind controls all magic. They autyentic magic to understand the universe, just as our best physicists search for a unified field theory to understand our universe. The five basic land types are plains, which produce white mana; mountains, which produce red mana; forests, which produce green mana; swamps, which produce black mana and islands, which produce blue mana.

The psychic per se would play little part in the basic magic system, but a corollary, mnemonics, would. Steven marked it as to-read Jan 04, Almost as good are objects of clothing, authenric, bedsheets, etc. Every game will have its own rules for other ways that spells can fail, and how badly. This is a variable that many games ignore entirely.

Authentic Thaumaturgy

If the same Law is used more than once, add the appropriate percentage for each usage. For those who insist on wishing their characters out of thaumatudgy mess their bad play has caused, I have only an old occult blessing: The Clair-Senses include, among others, the following: After the first five or twenty times, he would be able to condense it and to assign a triggering cue. Gender As a general rule, any sort of magic that a man can do, a woman can do just as well, and vice versa.


The basic point of this section is one that will be familiar to many veteran players, but the explanation is clearer than any other I have seen.

May have medium sized creases, scuff marks, very small stain, etc. Lady Entropy marked it as to-read Feb 25, This is the sort of magician one sees in all the books about magic in the Thaumatirgy Middle Ages, with various critters appearing in cramped triangles while the magician stands in a magical circle of protection and asks them questions sort of like interrogating a guest at gunpoint.

Probably this concept would be more effective and interesting in outdoor games where millions of square kilometers of territory could be criss-crossed by dozens of ley-lines. People say that like attracts like, but they also say that opposites attract. I should note Mr. To be precise, race or color of skin has absolutely no bearing on magic at all except as with the gender issue to sometimes affect ancestor and deity worship some spirits may respond in a friendly fashion only to members of their own tribe.

This comes much closer to reality, as it does allow for the fact that magic can have Laws organized and observed patterns of behavior rather than being totally capricious.

Blood from an thaumathrgy can always be used to control more aardvarks than the original donor, because aardvark blood will always be very similar to aardvark blood.

When a character determines his new Magical Strength upon promotion, it may happen that the thaumaturty value is less than or equal to his previous Magical Strength.

Fabio Ticconi rated it liked it Jan 06, A current catalog is available for an SASE. Those of you who play magicians thaumatrgy characters will find these Laws a remarkably concise guide to the ways in which most magicians, at least on this world, believe magic to work.

The ways in which these variables will be calculated by the individual player or referee will depend upon their preferences, their calculation facility, the game they are playing and their imagination.

Authentic Thaumaturgy – Wikipedia

Some of the Talents require so much fine tuning and specialized training that although for example a magician might have the Psychic Talent of Apportation, he might not be able to use the Talent successfully and safely until after reaching a high rank as a magician. Mediums A Medium is a Psychic who regularly communicates with various spirits, especially those of dead humans, using both channeling and possession techniques, for the thaumaturgical and if Spiritualist or New Age Mediums the theurgical benefit of themselves and others.


For every usage of the Law of Similarity: I have spent many years doing research, writing books the best known of which is my first, Real Magic, still in print from Samuel Weiser Publications and articles, giving lectures and running classes in minority belief systems, including magic, Witchcraft, Druidism, psychism, Voodoo, etc.

It would also be used along with other factors including other character stats to determine spell success probabilities, maximum MPs usable daily, etc. The player rolls d, trying to roll under a percentage, and if successful spends the required amount of magic power to accomplish the effect. Adults should have no trouble extrapolating appropriate spells and rituals for your characters to perform.

The particular phraseology used by me in my first book Real Magic has since been used in science fiction and fantasy stories, and in some game designs based on those stories, but most of the associations except those for Infrared and Ultraviolet! The Standard Time Unit is always equal to 1 day, unless a different value was chosen by the magician when the spell was cast, and the extra MPs for expanding or contracting the STU were spent. Middle-ranking magicians are said to be able to make minor changes, and high-ranking ones to make major alterations, in the shape of their astral bodies.

The power of magical items is also less and those that require tapping from the ether may not work at all. This will allow a fourth rank magician to come up with a new spell in ten minutes and a fifth rank magician to do it in one minute — but without either having his usual high Magical Clarity Limit or PoSS. Once out of range, the target will immediately start to fall at 32 feet per-second-per-second or whatever else the local formula happens to be.

Instead most magical tools are designed to allow the magician to tap mana through them from other sources. And if the combined shield had used 10 MPs of each Talent, the return spell would have been MPs strong!! This you list on his record sheet with a star or other symbol to indicate that he has a Flair for Clairvoyance.

As mentioned in Chapter 1, in many fantasy games, when characters are being created, the players determine certain strengths and weaknesses for their characters.

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