Latin Name: Atta sexdens. Trivialname: Leafcutterant. Taxonomy: Subfamily: Myrmicinae Tribe: Attini. Keeping Level: (3) through their large Space- and. Atta sexdens, along with A. cephalotes, is the most widespread member of its genus. Its northern most range is Mexico, and extends through Central America. Atta sexdens: leafcutter ant: cubic feet), a colony of A. sexdens leafcutters may turn over kg ( pounds) of soil in tropical moist forests, stimulating.

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Atta sexdens | ant |

The females have sexdens schwarzbrauntn Gaster, from the bright-red capiguara Gaster. Several fungus species, such as Cordycepsspecially infect and kill ants. Check data from AntWeb. Retrieved from ” http: The largest of the ant castes, defenders usually have a head width above 3. Vertex laterally without tooth, sometimes with tubercles. Gaster width seddens, 5 mm.

The attq amount of food results in virgin queens, while slightly less food creates soldiers. No one male is likely able to produce enough sperm, so it is likely that the female mates with three to eight individuals during her revoada. Fertilized eggs produce females. Epinotum over the base of the short teeth, with swelling.

Atta sexdens

The ants cut fresh leaves up into small pieces to use as a substrate for their fungus crop flower petels are often used for the same purpose. Occipital zaehne short side vertex with weak swelling or TuberkeI. Eidmann – The springtail species Seira edmanni Stach Seiridae is known from nests of this ant. Colonies of Atta sexdens have a success rate of approximately 2. Atta ants also redistribute vital elements into the soil through processing and removal of waste products from the colony.

After more weeks, the pupae hatch into adult workers, ready to serve the queen and colony. Front corners poorly marked. Usually, strength and victory depends on the number of defender-caste called soldiers ants that can arrive on the scene and attack the predator.


Mandibles with blunt teeth. At the end of the tunnel, she excavates a small chamber. This represents a major way in which nutrients are recycled in their environment.

Atta sexdens and Atta cephalotes are the principal insect pests where they are found, destroying billions of dollars worth of crops with their ability to quickly defoliate and strip crops of anything useful to the ants. In fact, Atta ants are considered the number one herbivorous pest in many areas where they are found. Assuming the number of colonies in an area remains constant over time, on average only one queen among the many thousands sent out by a colony successfully founds a new one.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Senior synonym of Atta sexdentata: Prominent short hairs scattered on head, thorax and gaster more abundant. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Their societies are among the most complex found in social insects. The queen then tends to the fungal garden and the developing larvae, feeding them fungus and trophic eggs. Kelknap Press of Harvard University Press.

The smallest of the four castes, gardener-nurses have an average head width of 1. By this time, the original colony has likely sent out several mating flights’ worth of queens to populate other areas and propagate their genes.

More specifically refers to a group of organisms in which members act as specialized subunits a continuous, modular society – as in clonal organisms. Foraging by Atta sexdens Formicidae: The gardener-nurses also cut pieces of mycelium for the other castes to eat.

The waste chambers are larger than the human head and located at the rim of the colony. Workers vary in shape, color, sculpture and pubescence Borgmeier, Catarina show sometimes blackened thorax and pedicel.

In Atta ants, the larvae are fed by secretions from gardener-nurse ants and trophic eggs unfertilized eggs used as food.


It is known that they are a species of the basidiomycete family Lepiotaceae. Queens may produce up to million daughters during their lifetime. Privacy policy About AntWiki Disclaimers. At first, the colony grows slowly, but after two to three years, the growth becomes faster.

They are the only source of nutrition for the ants, apart from the trophic eggs laid by the queen when the colony is young. Although no one has yet observed the complete Atta sexdens mating process, it is theorized that A. Simultaneously, fresh air is drawn in from the openings at the rim of the colony. Wilson and Holldobler, ; Wilson, After finding a suitable spot to build her nest and colony, the queen burrows into the ground and creates her first chamber, where she lays her first set of eggs and places the fragment of the fungus garden that she took from her old colony.

Body dull, densely finely punctate, forehead wrinkled in the middle of something. Feceshowever, are not carried away, but used to fertilise the fungal gardens.

Species: Atta sexdens – AntWeb

It can be concluded that workers travel large distances in a random manner until finding their substrate, but the return to the nest is efficient considering the shorter distance traveled.

The queen, when founding a new colony, cultivates a fungus garden from a scrap of the garden in her previous colony. After there are enough gardener-nurses to take srxdens of both brood and fungus, the queen becomes strictly an egg-laying machine for the rest of her life. Dirt collected by licking is stored in the workers’ infrabuccal cavitieswhich are special recesses in their mouths.

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