Specification M (SM) originally defined the Materiel Management processes and procedures to be used in support of aircraft and other aerospace. Scope of this presentation. • Make the audience familiar with the ASD Specification for. Materiel Management (SM) especially with the. Chapter 1 of the military version, ASD Spec M (SM), is mandated by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for use in high value equipment acquisition.

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The sub-chapter Ordering provides processes, procedures and techniques for placement of orders, order progression and delivery of ordered items.

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The Spare Parts List allows the customer and contractor to process parts data including commercial data to allow for the processes as described in the chapter Material Supply of the SM, without the necessity to use processes as described in the chapter Provisioning.

Chapter 6 Definitions, Abbreviations and Reference Documents The glossary of terms and definitions is a catalogue of all the terms utilised in SM Chapters 1 to 5. However, with Issue 4. Chapter 4 Communication Techniques The purpose of this chapter is to describe the standards which are used to support the exchange of data under the SM procedures. Contact us today for more information or a quote.

All portals automate to the maximum extent possible the logistics processes agreed upon with the NSPA partners for the spare parts provisioning cycle, repair and overhaul and Depot Level Maintenance from price information to electronic invoicing and payment. Shufrans TechDocs can help customers to work according to the standard by providing training, consultancy and system integration services as well as the appropriate software tools.

The SM Administrator is the focal point for the SM Steering Committee SM SC — the group of military and industry users responsible for maintaining SM — and the administrator provides secretarial support for their meetings, chairs editorial meetings and handles enquiries about the specification. SD is the global standard for technical publications in the aerospace and defence industries.


Please include the details of a contact point name, title, organisation, postal address, telephone, facsimile, e-mail. SM is organized into chapters which are designed to stand alone for ease of understanding as well as ease of implementation.

Revised the SM again for the support of both military product and non-military product.

Chapter 1 Provisioning Provisioning is the process of selecting support items and spares, necessary for the support of all categories of products. Chapter Structure for Data Exchange, defines a coherent data model for data that can be exchanged as part of the provisioning process. Originally developed for the Defense Industry, from Issue 4.

For new code allocations, please contact Please enable JavaScript! This issue as well as the older issues of SM are available d2000m download from www.

ASD/AIA SM – International specification for material management

Its purpose is to identify the standardized aasd, definitions and attributes to ensure a common understanding and application of the data elements. Two types of z2000m courses are available: Using a common data set, SM defines business rules to be followed at various stages of the material management process, and provides various sets of standard messages that are to be used by business partners to exchange information in an unambiguous way.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Customer value for money is a major procurement driver in any awd and it is generally accepted that the cost of through-life support is often greater than that of the original purchase.

ASD Specification M SM is a standard that specifies the information exchange requirements for most materiel management functions commonly performed in supporting international projects.


The process of selecting support items and spares, necessary for the support of all categories of military Products. Chapter Material supply, general Chapter Material supply, data exchange Chapter Material supply, general consists of four sub-chapters: A reduction of the different types of transactions and their content.

The aim of the specification x2000m to cut costs by internationally s20000m procedures, terminology, and an electronic means of exchanging information, in order to facilitate commercial traffic in spares and repair, throughout the life of an equipment program.

As a service to the SM user community, NSPA provides administrative support for the maintenance of the specification. The sub-chapter Invoicing provides processes, procedures and techniques for generating and forwarding invoices as well as for the invoice acceptance or invoice rejection.

RFCs are posted here in the language in which they were originally submitted. This chapter defines the process and specifies the data, formats and transmission procedures to be used in providing provisioning information to the Customer.

ASD S2000M

Examples of technical support that can be provided: Purpose The SM describes the business relationship between contractor and customer by providing the process flow, the relevant transactions and s200m elements used. Where possible, we will use modular solutions.

Order Administration covers the process of order placement, and the flow of information concerning the progress of orders and deliveries.

However, where subjects are common to more than one chapter, these have been assigned to Appendices which have to be read in conjunction with the related chapter.

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