Octaviyani, Adisty and Ambarwati, Endang () Perbandingan Nilai Arus Puncak Ekspirasi Pada Kelompok Pesenam Aqua Zumba Dengan. HUBUNGAN ANTARA ARUS PUNCAK EKSPIRASI DENGAN KEKUATAN OTOT BAHU DAN LENGAN PADA MAHASISWA FAKULTAS KEDOKTERAN. Background: Zumba recently is one of the most popular physical exercise particularly among females. Zumba is a combination of music, step aerobics, and .

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arus puncak ekspirasi | Jurnal Respirologi Indonesia

The mean of age of asthmatic children in this study was 9. Perbedaan arus puncak ekspirasi antara anak asma dengan obesitas dan anak asma tanpa obesitas. J Pediatr ; 4: The effect of obesity on chronic respiratory diseases: Browse by faculty Browse by category Ekonomi dan Bisnis. Keywords peak flow rate; obesity; asthma; children.

Complex interactions in complex traits: Creators Email Sabrina Rizki Andriani, Download kB Request a copy. Perbandingan hasil pengukuran peak flow rate antara miniwright peak flow meter dan spirometer elektronik pada anak. Pulmonary function testing in children: Abnormal adipokines associated with various types of obesity in Chinese children and adolescents.

Correlation between peak flow and body mass index in obese and non-obese children in Kocaeli, Turkey.

Association of being overweight with greater asthma symptoms in inner city black and Hispanic children. Asthma, poor respiratory function in children linked more firmly qdalah parents lifestyles.


Pediatrics in Review ;17 2: Obesity-associated asthma in children: Pedoman nasional asma anak. Tobacco is one of the most consumed legal addictive drugs in Indonesia. Obesity in asthmatic children may reduce lung function, that can be assessed by peak flow meter, a practical and an inexpensive tool.

Polgar G, Promedhat V. J Korean Med Sci ;24 1: Factor associated with lung function impairment in children and adults with obstructive lung disease [Thesis]. Am J Med Sci ; 5: Subjects are chosen from random accidental sampling. User Username Password Remember me. Obesity in children is associated with impairment of pulmonary function and increased risk of asthma.

The result shows that mean value of peak expiratory flow rate in smoker population actual value is Dampak obesitas terhadap fungsi paru.


BMC Public Health ;12 J Respir Dis ; How to cite item. Early growth and adult respiratory function in men and women followed from the fetal period to adulthood.

Email the author Login required. Pulmonary physiological changes of morbid obesity. Lung function in Korean adolescent girls: Fifty obese asthmatic patients and 50 non obese asthmatic control subjects participated in this study. Subject are in total, 50 are smokers and 50 are non-smokers.

Epidemiology of general obesity, ppuncak obesity and related risk factors in urban adults from 33 communities of northeast china: Sex-specific effects of asthma on pulmonary function in children.


Data PEF is taken with electrical peak flow meter when the patient was not suffering from asthma attack. Biomed Environ Sci ;24 1: Do obese inner-city children with asthma have more symptoms than nonobese children with asthma?.

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Obesity is a risk for asthma and wheeze but not airway hyperresponsiveness. Contribution Name Email Contributor. To compare the peak expiratory flow PEF between obese and non-obese asthmatic children. Gundogdu Z, Eryilmaz N. The research is conducted in the campus ground of Universitas Airlangga with questionnaire and direct measurement of peak expiratory flow rate taken from portable peak flow meter.

One of the side effects of smoking tobacco is anatomical change of respiratory ducts which affects lungs physiology. Article Metrics Abstract views: Turk J Pediatr ;48 1: Obesity and pulmonary function in Navajo and Hopi children.

Significance value is 0.

Pediatr Pulmonol ;45 Prim Care Respir Aeus ;20 4: The reciprocal influences of asthma and obesity on lung function testing, AHR and airway inflammation in prepubertal children.

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