Start studying Customs and Courtesies (AR ). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 24 September UNCLASSIFIED. SUMMARY of CHANGE AR –25 Salutes, Honors, and Visits of. AR –25 Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy This is a change to AR 25, 15 May o o Changes have been made in chapter 6. Major changes.

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Ceremony and parade requirements in order of precedencepage 5Table B—1: Precedence of soldiers at parades and reviews a. General officersare invited to inspect the guard after completion of the gun salute or such other honors as may be rendered.

The commander shall make continuous trainingavailable to authorized providers according to FM 3— The proponent has mand and local forms are prohibited with-eral policies regulatiln procedures for the rendi- the authority to approve exceptions or regulstion prior approval from Chief of Staff,tion of salutes, honors, ceremonies, waivers to this regulation that are consis- Army, ATTN: Table B—1National Flag at Half StaffDeath of Location of flag PeriodPresident, former President, or President All installations, activities, and vessels of 30 days from day of death during prescribedelect DA in the District of Columbia and through- hours reveille to retreat out the United States and its territories and possessions.

The composition of funeral escorts of honor for persons other than eegulation listed in paragraph b above will bedetermined by each commander of the deceased. Chapter 2Personal Salutes and Honors2—1.

WhenIndependence Day occurs on a Sunday, commanders may authorize the special ceremonies or salutes take place on thatday or the following day.

During pre- ance with recognized customs or practices scribed hours reveille to retreat from day of not inconsistent with law. The person or persons will be honored at the first available opportunity thereafter. When holidays fall on Sunday, the succeeding 600-5 may be considered a holiday byappropriate authority.


AR 600-25 Salutes Honors and Visits of Courtesy

GeneralThe interchange of courtesy visits among Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps officers opens the way to officialand social courtesy among the members of the Services and furthers mutual understanding. The Army song concludes all reviews, paradesand honor guard ceremonies. When an organization or unit as such is moved from an installation or facility of any Service of the United Statesor of a friendly nation, the commanding officer of the departing unit, if he or she is of equal or lesser rank than theinstallation commander, will make the appropriate courtesy visit in behalf of his or her command unless otherarrangements are made by mutual agreement between the commanders involved.

Active duty soldiers and Medal of Honor recipients will receive at least a 9—member team for the conduct ofMilitary Funeral Regluation.

Holdin sports and at- this position until attention. Flags flow at place of burial will be hoisted to the top after the last salvo or volley is fired over the grave. Revulation occasions when soldiers of more than regulatiln foreign nation participate, the order of precedence will be decidedby the grand marshal.

The provisions ofthis paragraph may be modified by agreement with the governor general or governor. Stand at at- direction of music. Ifonly one side is rigged with a brow or accommodation ladder, as when the ship is moored to a pier, then the forwardsuch access is used by commissioned officers and those who accompany them.

Change of station of a unit a.

AR Pages 1 – 31 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Hold doors, stand at lute. Hold this position until the Colors have pas- sed 6 paces. The providerwill be considered a Government employee for the purposes of liability and workers compensation when augmenting asArmed Forces Military Funeral Honors detail in accordance with 10 USC Service aggravationRefers to rebulation medical condition that existed prior to service and which worsened or was aggravated as a result of militaryservice more than it would have been worsened or rrgulation in the absence of military service.

This practice of firing 3 volleysoriginated in the old custom of halting the fighting to remove the dead from the battlefield. This salute will be fired at 5 secondintervals immediately following lowering of the flag. Salutes involving foreign vesselsCommanders of saluting stations or other ramy installations will, 6600-25 directed by DA acting upon the request of theDepartment of State, participate with vessels of war of foreign nations at peace with the United States, lying in U.


Participation by the Reserve components is encouraged. All waiver requests Distribution.

Gun salutes are also rendered toother military and civilian leaders of this and other nations. Foreign military officials listed in table 2—1, holding positions equivalent to those of DOD and military depart-ment officials, both military and civilian, will be rendered the honors to which the equivalent U.

If this is not practical, other arrangements may be made. During the religious grave site service, the chaplain will pause before the final benediction at which time a gunsalute corresponding to the grade of the deceased table 2—1 will be fired with a 5 second interval between rounds; thechaplain will then pronounce the final benediction. When the death or funeral service occurselsewhere, the composition and commander of the escort will be the same as that for a lieutenant. Cannon salutes to persons.

In such cases, theceremonies prescribed in paragraph 3—1 for raising and lowering the flag of the United States will be conductedsimultaneously with those of the ship on which the celebration occurs. View in Fullscreen Report. The commander, Military District of Washington, activates contingency plans for the conduct of funeral arrange-ments, interment, and participation by members of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Army flag is an organizational color and as such is also dipped under the situations stated in paragraph1—6a. If this day falls on a Sundayor holiday, the honors will be rendered on the day after the Sunday or holiday.

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