One very useful function of ArcGIS is the creation of hyperlinks. You can set up hyperlinks for any of your features, allowing the viewer to click on a specific. Dynamic hyperlinks take more time to set up, though have the advantage of being transferable between ArcGIS projects and they allow for greater organisation. Yesterday, I set up a kml with hyperlinks to local pdf’s via a relative link. I can’t show what I was working on but I’ve recreated it with some public data. In arcmap .

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They can just contain the name of the file. You can define a hyperlink for the features in a layer either by using field-based hyperlinks or defining a dynamic hyperlink using the Identify tool.

Notify me of new posts by email. The worker used his local drive and I trying to setup the link through our network so other workers can view the link pdfs. Hyperlinks have to be defined before you use the Hyperlink tool, and they can be one of three types:. Keep in mind that relative links that contain spaces can be problematic hyperlihks that the relative link style will not work with the raw kmz output from arcmap, at least not for this workflow.

You can create a library of hyperlinks and use a script to access it for each feature. How can we improve? Arcmpa challenge with organizing documents in this way is that it can create confusion when trying to hyperlink features to documents that could be in any of the subfolders of a parent directory. Use relative paths for hyperlinked documents in ArcMap Ask Question.

No only field with the hyperlinked. This link can be an absolute path as well, or a url, just replace the path within the single quotes with an absolute path pro tip — this can be a network location or valid url. The hyperlinked file is a.


Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. OK, I just edited my code to the following, but still not working.

How To: Add hyperlinks to files that could be located in several subfolders

On the Tools toolbar, click the Hyperlink buttonand click on a parcel in the map. Email Required, but never shown.

I was not able to edit the hyperlinks once they were created. Just as you can save the map with relative paths to the data, you can also specify hyperlinks that refer to a location relative to the map. Sign up using Email and Password.

I tried using an absolute path on my C: As felix said, you could just do a simple replace operation on the field. If you override the default, ArcMap will still retain the slash if the hyperlink base specified in Map Document Properties ends in a slash character. You can dynamically add a hyperlink to a feature using the Identify tool.

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If you had defined the hyperlinks in a field, it would be easier to fix. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Is there way to edit the path in a mxd file or the map properties to fix the link between the polygons and pdfs.

Defining field-based hyperlink properties Defining dynamic hyperlinks through Identify results Using hyperlinks Managing hyperlink paths Making hyperlinks with relative paths Using parameters to control how a program opens a hyperlinked document Advanced hyperlink functionality.

Now open the kmz in google earth.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In this example, the parent directory is called ‘Parcels’, but there are several subfolders underneath, breaking the Parcels down by zip code. Using this property makes it easier to manage hyperlinks because if the location of the targets change, you can simply edit this one setting instead of having to edit each value of the field providing the hyperlink targets. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Add hyperlinks to files that could be located in several subfolders Summary Sometimes documents that must hyoerlinks hyperlinked to features are organized into several subfolders. How do you change the network path aarcmap Dynamic Hyperlink? Also available from this menu is Manage Hyperlinks. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Wrcmap situation is one of my workers was linking polygons to pdfs with Dynamic Hyperlink because each polygon had several pdfs that needed to be link.

Use some Python code, similar to the following to recursively walk through a directory and find the associated Parcel uyperlinks Request Case Start Chat.

Using Hyperlinks

For the example below, you would type directions. Many clients are asking for more spatial data in GE right now.

I’ve already tried using the “. Click the Display tab. There is one Hyperlink Base property for the map srcmap. Reconnecting hyperlink in Dynamic Hyperlink mxd in ArcMap? You can create a dispatch object within your script code to call functions from a custom library. Daniel Rodriguez 11 1. These hyperlinks can be accessed for each feature using the Hyperlink tool on the Tools toolbar.

Email Required, but never shown.

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