Pan Afr Med J. Jan 8; doi: /pamj eCollection [Appendicular plastron: emergency or deferred surgery: a series of. After successful nonsurgical treatment of an appendiceal mass, the true diagnosis is uncertain in some cases and an underlying diagnosis of cancer or Crohn’s. mechanisms and form an inflammatory phlegmon Complicated appendicitis was used to describe a palpable appendiceal mass, phlegmon.

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At present, the treatment of choice for uncomplicated acute appendicitis in adults continues to be surgical. Plaatron exploration often ends up in an ileocecal resection or a right-sided hemicolectomy. A small retrospective study of 10 patients undergoing laparoscopic interval appendicectomy reported no complications and all patients were discharged on the day after surgery. Kumar S, Jain S. Carcinoma of the cecum, presenting as acute appendicitis: However, it is recognized that this is not without increased cost, radiation exposure and a potential delay in diagnosis.

The overall complication rates for open and laparoscopic appendectomy are respectively Published online Jul 7. Malignant disease was detected during follow-up in 1. The diagnosis of enclosed inflammation is made by finding a palpable mass at clinical examination before or after anesthesia, or by finding an inflammatory mass or a circumscribed abscess by CT, US or at surgical exploration of the abdomen.

Treatment options of inflammatory appendiceal masses in adults

Click on image for details. Those who benefit most from preoperative imaging are those with an atypical presentation and women of childbearing plasron. Continued ischemia results in appendiceal infarction and perforation[ 29 – 31 ].


Interobserver variation appendiuclar the assessment of appendiceal perforation. Interval appendectomy after conservative treatment of an appendiceal mass. Recently, the conditions for conservative management of these patients have changed due to the development of computed tomography and ultrasound, which has improved the diagnosis of enclosed inflammation and made drainage of intra-abdominal abscesses easier.

plawtron Findings of an appendicular abscess include:. These results do not motivate routine elective interval appendectomy after successful nonsurgical treatment[ 16202798 ]. The debate arises over the importance and level of the complication rate of interval appendicectomy. New efficient antibiotics have also given new opportunities for nonsurgical treatment of complicated appendicitis.

Treatment options of inflammatory appendiceal masses in adults

Recognition of this finding in appnedicular uncomplicated appendicitis at imaging should raise suspicion for image-occult perforation or necrosis[ 56 ]. Laparoscopic appendectomy for perforated appendicitis.

Characteristics of perforated appendicitis: Perforated versus nonperforated acute appendicitis: There is no association between the need for drainage and patient age.

There were 30 males and 18 females, with ages ranging years mean 9 years.

This risk was related to age with 0. In one series, appendicolith, free fluid, a focal defect in the enhancing appendiceal wall, and enlarged abdominal lymph nodes were not sensitive or appendidular for the presence of perforation. Drawbacks of MRI are that it is more expensive than other imaging modalities and not as widely available.


The age range is between 2 and appendicupar average 6,9. The risk of missing an important alternative diagnosis is probably lower if imaging is used for the diagnosis of enclosed appendiceal inflammation. Immediate appendectomy may be technically demanding because of the distorted anatomy and the difficulties to close the appendiceal stump because of the inflamed tissues. Thank you for updating your details.

[Evolutive particularities of appendicular plastron in children].

Ali S, Rafique HM. Is a long delay necessary before appendectomy after appendiceal mass formation? Early laparoscopic appendectomy for appendicular mass. In one study, the morbidity rates, particularly for intra-abdominal abscesses and wound infection, were lower for laparoscopic appendectomy in complicated appendicitis than those reported in the literature for open appendectomy, whereas operating times and hospital stays were similar[ 88 ].

As the epithelial mucosal barrier becomes compromised, luminal bacteria multiply and invade the appendiceal wall, which causes transluminal inflammation. Check for errors and try again. Abboud B designed the research; Tannoury J and Abboud B performed the research, analysed the data and wrote the paper.

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